Thursday, February 6, 2014

Day 402: Let It Parody

I know I'll have two YouTube posts very close together, but there's just so much awesome out there on YouTube right now, especially when it comes to parodies of Frozen. I've already got a bunch saved up, so here we go: Frozen Parodies and Covers time!!!!

Let It Go/Let Her Go MashUp:

I was really just in the process of trying to find topics for my last two blog posts I need to make up and Megan sent me this on Facebook. So that's what inspired this post. I really do like this mashup though! It's beautiful! =)

Frozen Medley By Ricky Collins:

I am a huge fan of the Lizzie Bennett Diaries AND MrCheezyPop, so this is like the best video ever. I was originally watching it in the music lobby with my earbuds in so I couldn't laugh because I would be laughing to silence, so it was really hard to not laugh out loud.

Frozen Medley - Pentatonix:

I actually really do love Pentatonix, so when this came out I was like "OH MY GOSH!" Of course it made it onto this blog post. I mean, how could it not? These people are awesome and hilarious and FROZEN!!!!!

Do You Want to Build a Snowman: 

My friend Emily showed me this one the other day, and it's pretty adorable. I'm pretty sure she said the three girls are sisters, and she was commenting on how close they sound to the actual characters. It's a beautiful cover of the song! 

Violin Cover of Let It Go: 

And finally here's a violin cover of Let It Go...because Violins are awesome. And Let It Go is awesome. And Frozen is awesome. EVERYTHING IS AWESOME.

Have a magical day!