Saturday, February 15, 2014

Day 411: Legally Blonde

Yesterday, since I'm spending the rest of the weekend at college for Winter Band Fest (two concerts for us), I went back to my High School to see their production of Legally Blonde. If I did mention it before, I went to the high school of my best friend's roommate to see it when they had their own production of it. It was honestly pretty awesome getting to see it twice by two different schools. Plus, I really do like the musical, so that just made it that much better.

Seriously though, Legally Blonde is great...especially the song Ireland. I just absolutely LOVE that song...hmm I wonder why though. Actually, in general, I just love Paulette. Her character is great. Plus, her dog in my high school's version was my band director's dog, Bru...whom I remember as a puppy and is seriously like my favorite dog. I just never get to see him, so that was really exciting. I mean, seriously:

What does this have to do with Disney? Not much I suppose...although "Ireland" DOES basically relate to Once...I mean, it's pretty obvious. Colin IS Irish, and there's a line where it talks about sailors, one of them named Liam. The first time I saw this I literally had to keep myself from laughing. It was hard. 

Other than that, great job to everyone involved in the Seymour High School Production of "Legally Blonde!" Super proud of all you! 

And now time for a side story that DOES have to do with Disney! This weekend we have two high school students staying in our dorm room for Winter Band Fest, and one of them said they love Disney and was like "I've been to Walt Disney World 5 times!" and my roommate just laughed and was like "CAN I TELL THEM!?!" so she did and the High Schooler Guesses like 7 and my roommate is just like "higher" and they guessed again, with 10 or something, and my roommate goes "24!" Only I forgot to mention to her that I actually miscounted and it's 23, not 24. So then we had a discussion about that. Haha...don't worry though, by the end of the year it will be 25! 

Have a magical day!