Thursday, February 27, 2014

Day 423: A Few of My Favorite Things V5

When I was going through my various days I still have to make up as far as blog posts go, I realized that I haven't really done much in my series posts lately, other than YouTube of course. There's just so many videos out there that it's hard to skip past them. But I haven't had a Disney Collection Post or Favorite Things post since like December, and now, as I write this, it's almost April! Gosh time goes by quickly!

So yesterday, Megan and I determined that today's Favorite Things post will focus on my favorite Disney Characters, and she suggested I split it further into various sections. I like the idea, because I can go a little more in depth, and include more than like two in each category. There are so many wonderful movies out there that it's hard to just pick one or two, am I right?

First, today, we'll have a post focusing on Heroes and Heroines of the different films. So in other words, our main characters. Then, the next Favorite Things post will include Favorite Villains and Badguys before rounding it out with a post on sidekicks and other random characters that I love. Seems like a good idea, right? I think so.

So, here are some of my favorite heroes and heroines from Disney films!

Hero #5: Prince Phillip maybe that Phillip is from Festival of Fantasy...but it still counts, right? Either way, Phillip is awesome. He's funny, knows how to randomly dance in the woods, can sing, fight dragons and overall, is pretty awesome. He actually ranks in strongly as my second favorite Disney Prince, so he's got to be on this list, right? 

Heroine #5: Anna

I'm not gonna lie, when I first heard about Frozen I was skeptical...but then again, wasn't I the same way with Princess and the Frog, and Tangled, and Wreck It Ralph? Yeah, I suppose so. Frozen, however, has won over my heart, at least a bit. Tangled still ranks above it for sure, as do Lady and the Tramp and Beauty and the Beast, but I'd say it's worked it's way up to the number four spot in my favorite Disney films (ranking in with Number 2 of recent years if you include the split). And my favorite character is easily Anna, although I'm pretty sure it's because when we sing the songs here at college, we all decided that I sound most like her. It's kind of funny because my friend Emily will sing Elsa's part, and I'll be over here singing Anna's, and it sounds pretty good. Plus she's just adorable. 

Hero #4: Bambi

Seriously, how can you not love this little guy? I honestly think that Bambi is one of the best Disney films, if only because of the villain. I'll talk more about it on the Villains post that goes along with this one, but it's brilliant to showcase how we, as humans, are just as much the villain as any other being out there. It's such a powerful message. And then there's Bambi himself, who is just plain awesome. He's got so much to learn about the world, no matter how old he gets, and then the whole fire thing, and his friends and then he lives on as the Great Prince of the Forest. I mean, is that cool or what? 

Heroine #4: Ellie 

I'm not sure if this totally counts because she's not really the main character of the movie, but you do feel her spirit throughout the entire thing. And if there's one movie that never ever fails to make me cry, it's Up. Those first 8 minutes are absolutely beautiful, and seriously I doubt anything will ever come up to par with them. The love story of Carl and Ellie is just...I have no words for it. And Ellie herself, in both physical form and spirit, gives us one of the greatest messages about love there has ever been in a Disney film. 

Hero #3: Woody & Buzz

I tried to pick just one, I really did, but ultimately I love these two pretty equally. Toy Story, without one or the other, would just be an awful story. Plus, they're best friends now, partners in crime, and I feel like you can't always rank one above the other. Woody and Buzz each have their own unique story to tell, and a role in the overall tale of the toys, both are leaders and funny and have flaws, but they even each other out, so that's awesome. And you know, a little bit of them reminds me of me and my best friends, because while we're very different, we work well together. So they both make it onto the list in the #3 spot. 

Heroine #3: Belle & Lady

I was running out of spots, and since these two movies are tied on the end of favorite classic Disney film, I felt that Belle and Lady were really about the same on my scale anyways. Lady and the Tramp was one of my favorites as a kid, especially since I have always loved dogs. Beauty and the Beast I've loved on and off, but Belle has always been my favorite there. I think it's because she loves reading and books, and so do I. Plus now one of my all time favorite Disney songs is "Belle" from the beginning of the movie, just because I think it's brilliant. 

Hero #2: Quasimodo

I don't care if it's not close to the original story! Quasimodo is one of my favorites and that's that! He's awesome. Plus the song "Out There" actually DOES rank in as my favorite Disney song of all time. I think his story is yet another powerful one, and he's just so lovable that he just can't NOT be on this list. I love Hunchback, as it's for sure up there on my list of favorite Disney films (not at the total top, but it's a favorite for sure), and Quasimodo is just my favorite! 

Heroine #2: Mary Poppins

I feel like you just kind of have to love Mary Poppins. I mean, she's practically perfect in every way, and it's Julie Andrews and the movie is so brilliant and gosh. I just love Mary Poppins. Plus, she's certainly worked her way up on my list since I saw Saving Mr. Banks, probably because it's just more forefront in my mind. Either way, she most certainly ranks in as #2. 

Heroine #1: Rapunzel

We're going to list my #1 Heroine first because that way we can save my #1 hero for last, since he also happens to be my absolute favorite Disney character of all time. But I'm sure you saw this coming. Rapunzel is seriously my favorite. I don't really know why, although I sense it has something to do with the fact that I LOVE Tangled...much thanks to a certain person you'll see in a minute. Either way, Rapunzel is adorable, and I could literally sit and have conversations with her about apples and hair and horses all day. Oh, and maybe Frying pans too. It would be a wonderful life to live. 

Hero #1 & All Time Favorite Disney Character: Flynn Rider

Does this surprise you? Cause it shouldn't. As for this picture, it honestly took me a long time to decide on one...but for some reason this one of him and a candlestick just really stood out to me. It was like "THIS IS THE ONE YOU WANT TO USE FOR YOUR BLOG!" So I did. Where do I even start with Flynn though? He's just obviously my favorite. Like no questions asked. Did I freak out when I got to meet him last week? You bet I did. I was shaking and everything. AND THEN I GOT TO GIVE HIM A HUG. 

Dream. Come. True. 

Honorable Mentions: 

Heroes: Simba, Robin Hood, Pongo, Prince Eric, Tramp, Pinocchio & Stitch

Heroines: Tinkerbell, Tiana, Lilo, Sally (Cars) & Nala

Who's your favorite Disney character? 

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on March 28 due to midterms and travel).