Monday, February 10, 2014

Day 406: PUSH

Today is a sad day, a very sad day.

My good friend, PUSH the Talking Trash Can, has died. Or he has been removed, rather. It's kind of strange, because it was only a couple of days ago that Disney said PUSH wasn't going anywhere. I mean, over the weekend there was a #SavePush campaign on Twitter, and now he's gone. Our beautiful little trash can is gone.

I might cry.

Push has been a staple of Disney my entire life...and I'm quite sad to say that I actually haven't run into him in years. I'm generally going from one place to the next and don't always have time to stop and just hang I don't always find PUSH. So when I heard the news that he was leaving, I was like "NOOOOOO."

Ironically enough, due to this meme, PUSH is one of the questions I get about Disney the most. People ask me about him all the time.

And so, in remembrance of PUSH, here is a video from just this last week: 

Goodbye PUSH, we will forever miss you. 

Have a magical day!