Sunday, February 23, 2014

Day 419: The Packing List

I'm confused.

Throughout my entire life, I have generally traveled to Walt Disney World in the months of November, December or January, with the addition of one time I went in February, once in June and once in July. Other than that there are a lot of months of the year that I HAVEN'T been to Walt Disney World (or Disneyland if you include the August I traveled there), which means that when I go this next month, it's going to be a totally new experience.

I'm going down there for research mostly, to familiarize myself with the My Magic Plus system and Fastpass+ and everything just to make sure that I understand how to do everything before I am there with 60 other people all who have questions in June. I want to make sure the trip runs as smoothly as possible for all of them, so that means I need to know how it all works. Plus, I need a ton of video so I can make the trip video super awesome, and that's what I'll be spending 5 days doing: Filming, Filming and Filming. It's like full pre-production.

But there are lots of other new things I'll be experiencing. For instance, I've never been to the Flower and Garden Festival. I was to the Food and Wine Festival once, and I'm there at Christmas all the time, but other than that I never really get to see any of the special stuff when it comes to Epcot. Am I excited? Yeah, I guess I am (mostly about the food), but it does cause some problems video wise since I can't include anything in the video that the band won't see in June. And that means the beautiful displays of Epcot's Flower and Garden Festival.

My biggest problem of all though? Packing. I have no honest clue what to pack for this trip. Here in Wisconsin we're creeping up on the record for the most below-zero days in a single winter (yay...hear my sarcasm), but in Orlando, the current temp is 66, and it will be about this time of day that I land at the airport. Now, 66 isn't super warm. It's not warm enough to wear shorts all the time like I did in July down there, BUT, the high for the day is 75, and it's regularly getting up to the 80's, which is seriously around 70 degrees different from what it is here. But if during the day it's 80, shorts weather to us from Wisconsin right now, but 50-60 at night, WHAT DO I WEAR?

Sure, we could maybe get a locker each day to keep our sweatshirts in, since I doubt we're going to be park hopping a ton, not with so much to do, but that doesn't fix the problem of pants. Like I said, 80 is very much shorts weather right now for us, but by the time I get down there it might feel colder than what I think.

In other words, I feel like my packing list includes my entire closet. Despite the fact that I have a special surprise up my sleeve for March. What could it be? You'll find out very very soon.

So you have a magical day, I'll just be here working on homework and daydreaming about three weeks from now. =)