Saturday, February 22, 2014

Day 418: Officially Going Crazy

It's been a long however many days since the last episode of Once. Don't worry though, this isn't just another post about how much I miss Once Upon A Time...or the fact that it will be back in (As I'm writing this) exactly 15 days, 5 hours 2 minutes and 10 seconds [and counting]. And it's also not about the fact that I haven't been home in over six months and I won't be leaving to go back for another 23 days, 14 hours, 59 minutes and 40 seconds [and counting]. No, this is about how I am going to make it through the next two weeks without totally going crazy...because I'm pretty sure I am. You can ask my roommate.

I mean, last night I ended up actually watching "The Rite," which for those of you who don't know is a movie from 2011 that stars Colin O'Donoghue and is basically a mild horror movie. I don't watch horror movies...ever. But I did. And then there's the fact that I get Once updates so fast I liked Ginnifer Goodwin's picture of the day 36 seconds after she posted it. And when it comes to Disney news, I know about things faster than my mom 95% of the time. I mean, I do spend a good amount of time looking at the various Disney blogs that I follow. Blogger makes it really easy to do that. I've been doing the Disney Picture of the Month on Instagram again, and listening to Disney Parks music more than ever and reading fairy tales and finding some serious references to Once Upon A Time in my sociology book (no happened) and IT NEEDS TO BE MARCH.

So, here's my plan of action. First off, I really need to get my work done. I mean, the more I force myself to work on stuff, the less time I have to think about Disney and Once, right? It worked for the past three weeks, so why wouldn't it work for the next two? Granted, I have been sick all of this week, so trying to force myself to do work doesn't always work out so well for me, but now that I'm getting better I can totally get back into the habit. I mean...Hook is there on my desk saying "Not Studying? Bad Form." Plus...I really want to keep watching the show, so that means I really need to get my fairy tales reading done.

Two, I really need to have someone take my phone away. Like seriously all I do is check it over and over again. The plan? Leave it on my bed while working at my desk. I already put it on silent, so then I at least can't hear it because it will never vibrate and therefore I will have less of an urge to look at it. Makes sense...I think.

Since our fairy tales competition is getting interesting, and by interesting I mean people are sooo starting to cheat and use Disney parodies or references as "sightings." I find all of mine all by myself, no Disney connected (ok, maybe a little bit. It's kind of hard to NOT have fairy tales find you when you're as big of a fan as I am). So I have decided that if they're not going to play fair I won't either (ok...that's bad form. I'll play fair). They can have all the parodies of stuff on YouTube, but when I go to Disney in March, it's on. I'm going to go through my Hidden Magic of Walt Disney World book for the second time and see if I can pull out some smaller, hidden fairy tale references...and then I will HUNT THEM DOWN and make a video, special for my class. Seriously, I'm like Regina in the new Once promo just going "Bring It."

And then there's band trip work to be done, and packing lists, and video lists and a challenge to make up, right? I mean, what would one of my Disney trips be without a Disney challenge? Unless I'm just making my challenge to get all the video I need. That poor camera is going to be on just about 24/7, and my laptop is going to be absolutely filled to the brim with video of Walt Disney World. We'll make it work, and boy will it be worth it.

Other than that, I'm pretty sure that at some point in the next two weeks my friends and I will have a Storybrooke hot cocoa party (yes, it is sooo happening), and then come March 9 it will be like the biggest group of people watching we've had yet (we keep gaining fellow Oncers). Pretty soon we'll have to move into like an actual lounge somewhere just because we're going to run out of room in our dorm rooms. But it will be awesome. And then I'll do a whole bunch of other stuff (midterms...crap...included) and then go to DISNEY WORLD and I shall be super happy, and there will be new vlogs (I'm really excited about that) and all will be right in the world again.

And then I'll fall into a helpless depression that will only stop for an hour every Sunday night until the season ends and then I'll curl up in a dark hole until Disney in June. Just kidding, I survived this Hiatus (or almost have), and if I can do that, survive a double hiatus (Disney and Once), then I'm pretty sure I can survive anything.

Have a magical day!