Thursday, February 20, 2014

Day 416: WDW Official Album

I take pride in the fact that I own just about every Disney Parks CD. What exactly does this mean? Well, first off, I have more Disney CD's than I can possibly count. Second, I literally have 7 versions of Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life for Me), 5 recordings of Golden Dream and 5 copies of Grim Grinning Ghosts all on my phone. I've got music from the 80's, 90's, 2000's AND 2010's. Wondering what that one song that played on Spaceship Earth years ago was? Tomorrow's Child...and I can play it for you. In the mood for Kitchen Kabaret? Got you covered. Want to listen to two plus hours of Disney Parks background music? I do my homework to it.

I'm pretty sure at this point I really should stop, because in reality, there are only like two Disney Parks Official Albums I DON'T have. There's one from 1997 that I don't have (but am NOT paying a ton of money for thank you very much), and then the 50th Anniversary one. I mean, I love my collection, but not enough to buy music I already have...multiple times over.

On the opposite side, I DO happen to own the Candlelight Processional CD, the official Wishes and Illuminations soundtracks (Illuminations I used to have on Cassette...we listened to it all the time in our van when I was growing up. Like...ALL. THE. TIME.), and The Festival of the Lion King CD.

The list continues with the various other ones I have. But that's not what this is about. Remember a while back when I freaked out about the new Official Album (maybe I did...maybe I didn't. I can't find it. But behind the scenes...I freaked out). Anyways, I noticed there was a new one and made plans to get it for Christmas. Of course, it kind of fell through and I didn't actually buy it until now, but that's ok...I have it, and all is good.

The Album is literally like 90% the same as the last one I have...but that's ok. There are a few minor differences...and they're worth it! Sadly, Welcome Medley from Main Street is gone, but we have Flitterin' now, so that's good. Later we have music from NEW FANTASYLAND! Yeah, that means Be Our Guest Instrumental and a 10 minute long "The Little Mermaid Medley." Plus, Circus Parade and Casey Jr. from Storybook Circus!

But that's not even the one I'm most excited about. Literally the #1 reason I got this CD is the new Test Track theme. My brother and I listen to this music all the time (that tradition from when we were kids lives on), and one of the songs that's probably up there on the most played list is the old Test Track Medley (which I do have...multiple times over). The new score for 2.0 though...some of my absolute FAVORITE music at Walt Disney World. I love it (and haven't stopped listening to it for like the last 24 hours). Finally, the only other changes really are Indy being split up a bit and the addition of music from TOY STORY MIDWAY MANIA! Ok, so maybe I'm pretty excited.

Sadly, I don't have the Disneyland one yet. Soon people. Soon.

I just really love my Disney Parks music. And soon I'll be able to hear it in person. =)

Have a magical day!