Saturday, March 8, 2014

Day 432: The Muppets Go To Disney

After a week and a half off of it, I finally went back on Tumblr, although I still haven't logged on via my phone...only on my laptop to prevent myself from spending too much time there. But you see, one of the things I love about Tumblr is that it is like this random wealth of info that involves everything you love (I mean, you follow the blogs, so it's all tailored to you). Mine, of course, is mostly Disney, with a bunch of Once Upon A Time and Star Wars stuck in there, and then all the randomness that usually comes along with the website.

So today when I was going through Tumblr I came across a couple of GIFs from a video I have never seen that I'm amazed I haven't because it's seriously one of my favorites now. I'm only 16 minutes into it (it's 47 minutes long) and I'm like dying of laughter.

What, exactly is this video? Well, The Muppets At Walt Disney World, of course!


So, basically, the Muppets break into Walt Disney World after leaving their trip to Kermit's Swamp (apparently they're not fans of fried flies). Of course, when you put the Muppets together with Walt Disney World, hilarity ensues. 

So here's a few of my favorite parts: 

1. Gonzo

Ok, seriously, the part where they're sitting at Epcot and he's like "What do you want to see first? The Wonders of Life Exhibit? The Ocean thing over there? Ah! What's that? Woah! It's a used paper cup exhibit! These Disney people are always on the cutting edge! Look at those bent drinking straws!" I died. HE PUT HIS HEAD IN A TRASHCAN AND THOUGHT IT WAS AN EXHIBIT! 

Actually, it would be really awesome to take pictures of all the different trash cans throughout Walt Disney World. That would be seriously awesome. 

2. Miss Piggy on Big Thunder Mountain

Does this need any other explanation? 

3. Rock & Rollin' Around the World

Seriously, this song is awesome, and Zoot keeps changing clothes. Seriously I might just have to find this song and listen to it when I'm walking around World Showcase sometime. It would be awesome. And then they just go from country to country and play the song and then the Small World Dolls come in and oh gosh. I love it. 

4. Statler & Waldorf

Ok, everyone just has to love these two, and here they keep riding around on the trolley in the Magic Kingdom. Every single time they come on they just complain about how perfect it is and how they have nothing to complain about, and then they're singing a song about an old lady that joins them on the trolley. 

5. Miss Piggy on Star Tours

Yes, it got even better. Still no words needed. 

6. The Dwarves

Disney Security has stepped it up...with the 7 dwarves. That's right, we've got Agent Happy and Agent Dopey and Agent Sleepy get the idea. They're trying to catch the Muppets loose all over Walt Disney World. Not that that's going so well...but points for trying. 

7. Miss Piggy on The Tea Cups

Thought I was done with Piggy? Yeah no...she's still spinning. And then she knocks down that light post. 

8. Animal Meeting Snow White

Kind of. Poor Animal. All he wanted to do was meet Snow White. 

9. Walt Disney's LaundryLand

I just can't anymore with this video. It's the definition of perfection. 

Gonzo and LaundryLand = Love at First Cycle

10. Miss Piggy at the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular

Kermit the Frog as Indiana Jones = THE BEST. I don't believe in violence. I don't believe in violence. I don't believe in violence. Cue Machine Guns. 

"Miss Piggy? How're we gonna explain this to Big Bird?" 

"Nothing exciting happening up here Camilla, let's go back to the Laundry!" 

11. FASA! Fictional Animal Stars of America!

And then they casually meet Mickey Mouse. I just love how he's got a giant picture of Walt Disney on his wall, and Minnie on his desk. 

Oh, and that part when Miss Piggy Enters the office. Too much to handle. 

12. The Chinese Theater

IT'S OFFICIAL! THEY'RE A PART OF THE FAMILY! I love it. And then they put their handprints down in front of the theater...funny, I've seen those! Right near Harrison Ford! 

And Animal finally meets Snow White! And everyone's singing and it's great. Seriously though, this video is the definition of perfection. It's really up there in my favorite Disney World parodies. 

13. Miss Piggy...well...

She finally got to see the Chinese Theater...kind of. Any suggestions on how to get a pig out of cement? 

If you have 45 minutes or so and want a good laugh, I do suggest this video...obviously. It's hilarious. Beyond hilarious. 

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on March 11 due to midterms).