Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Day 443: Warmer Weather

I'm not gonna lie, one of the best things about Disney in March is the weather. Here in Wisconsin it's still very much winter, although the calendar tells us that it's finally spring. Yeah, it is most certainly not spring around here. It just isn't. But in Florida...yes, there it is spring.

Which means that, now I'm back in Wisconsin, I am a very unhappy person. It was so absolutely wonderful to be able to wear shorts for a couple of days when here you still need a winter coat! It's ridiculous!

In all honesty, I've realized that I can add "dislike of the cold" to the list of reasons I am similar to Jennifer Morrison. Now people are always like "You're just making that up cause she's your favorite," but I kid you not...the list is long. Either way, she doesn't like the cold, and I thought that I was ok with it...until I went to Disney and realized that 80 degrees is very much shorts weather and I miss that kind of weather. I JUST WANT TO GO BACK!

On the second day of our trip, however, we went to Disney's Hollywood Studios. I also made a bit of a side trip over to Epcot, and we ended the day at Downtown let's just say that 7 buses is a lot to ride in one day. Although I also don't suggest walking all the way from Epcot to Hollywood Studios. I mean you can do it, and it's not all that hard...but if you do, really, seriously, don't walk the long way over to the Beach & Yacht Club and THEN over to Hollywood Studios. Please...cut through the Boardwalk. I mean, I was maybe going to take the boat from the Beach & Yacht, and that's why I walked that way, but when the boat wasn't anywhere near there yet when I got there I figured I'd just keep walking.

Bad idea.

When I DID finally get to Hollywood Studios, I then spent over an hour filming for band stuff. I mean, it was kind of fun, and I did meet some really cool people, including a cast member at the Great Movie Ride who is also a YouTuber. It was a good time.

And then I got lots of really awesome pictures from the park, including my new profile picture and cover photo on Facebook and Twitter. I haven't changed my one on Facebook since July when I was there the last time. The irony of the whole thing? All four pictures (the two from July and the two new ones now) are taken in Hollywood Studios, and they'll stay like that until June when I go again. It's just comforting to have Disney pictures there on my social media all the time. Why ironic? Because if you've been reading my blog for a significant amount of time, you might remember when I talked about how I used to hate Hollywood Studios, back in the day. It was for various reasons, and I don't really hate it anymore.

Plus, I got to take pictures "with" my heroes, Walt Disney and Harrison that's always fun. And the whole park reminded me why I can't wait to show my friends everything Disney has...or at least everything we can fit into a few hours in each park. But still, I'm excited. Also...the sunset was super pretty that night. Just saying.

Pictures from Day 2:

Have a magical day!

(Note: This Blog post was written on March 26 due to Midterms & Travel)