Sunday, March 23, 2014

Day 447: Back to the Cold

You know Elsa, maybe you should just stop with this eternal winter.

Seriously though, coming back from Florida to the awful cold of Wisconsin was not a fun transition. I literally walked out of the airport, wearing my Epcot Sweatshirt, a leather jacket and the rest of my clothes from Florida (I was smart and changed into full length Jeans back in Orlando) and all I could say was "Bloody Hell."

Yeah, it's cold up here, which can only mean one thing. I want to go back to Disney. But let's take a few moments to reflect on my trip as a whole, since there's plenty I could talk about that I haven't...or ever will I suppose.

I did enjoy my five days home. I really did. It was sometimes hard to distract myself from the fact that the next time I'm there I'll be there with my high school band, and that trip is causing me more problems than it is solutions and happiness. But I was able to find a silver lining: The next time I ride Spaceship Earth it will be with my best friend sitting next to me, and that's kind of weird to think about considering I've wanted her to come with me for years and it just hasn't happened, and we were starting to think it never would. So it just makes for a really awesome thought. That I finally get to bring my friends along to experience even just a little bit of my home with me. It will be a stressful trip, but they never fail to remind me that it's my trip too, and I deserve a chance to relax just as much as, if not more than, anyone else in the group.

I am a little sad that I didn't get to see as much of the Flower and Garden Festival as I wanted to. In fact, I really only got to try one of the special foods: The Bacon Cupcake. You all knew I wouldn't be able to resist that one. It was pretty good, considering it was a cupcake with bacon in it and that's just a weird thought to get over. I mean, it's not like we had a ton of chances though, with meals all the time and going from park to park. In fact, other than our first and last day, we were always in more than one park each day. It just gets to be a lot if you ask me. Granted, we're Parkhoppers by blood, so I suppose not. But it's still a lot of going back and forth, especially when you have to either walk or take the bus all the time. You get through it though.

Other than that, there were a ton of great moments on this trip, especially considering it was only 5 days. I actually have over 6 hours of video to get through, both for band stuff and for my vlogs, and there's tons of pictures I'll have to get through sometime soon so I can put them on my phone and then on Instagram as time goes on. I also learned a ton of awesome stuff when it comes to My Magic Plus, and I've got a few surprises thrown in for the band too, if they'll be so kind as to let me help them. I really did a learn a lot, and it's amazing to see what the My Magic Plus system can do. I really am in awe at some of the enhancements they've made, and I can't wait to see the whole thing rolled out and mostly bug free. That will be a grand day indeed.

Here are a few last random pictures from my trip!

Have a magical day!