Saturday, March 15, 2014

Day 439: Shrek

Last Night, or a week and a half ago rather, I went to a local high school to see their production of Shrek The Musical. I know the guy who played Shrek, as well as Donkey, so it was pretty awesome to see the show with people I knew in it.

Of course, with Shrek comes tons of fairy tales, and the perfect topic for a blog post. Shrek is probably by far one of the most successful Non-Disney animated films, and I'll give it credit for that. In fact, I do enjoy the original Shrek a point.

Let's start off with the bad, so we can end with the good: it's honestly sort of difficult to love something that makes fun of Disney. It's basically why it was invented, right? I mean, to have a story about fairy tales that can poke fun at the rival. That's fine and all, I mean, I enjoy Disney parodies as much as the next person. There's tons of them on YouTube that you can find. But it's like do you really need to do it to the extent? Like, I can't say I love something like that. Sure, that I find parts of it funny and what not, but not something I love.

On the opposite side, I DO love how they have all the different fairy tales interacting. Especially in the musical, for some reason I just loved it. Maybe it's because of the fact that I'm taking the fairy tales class here at SNC, and therefore I had more of an appreciation for them or something like that. I don't know, but the music and the interaction was just great. It's not everyday you see Peter Pan right next to Red Riding Hood and The White Rabbit. It's a really inventive way to tell the different stories in a brand new way, and for that I give Shrek some serious credit.

Fairy tales are all about rewriting and retelling in order to keep them fresh and new, and that's exactly what Shrek does. Granted, Disney has been doing the same thing for ages, and that's all a big part of how this fairy tale thing works, so it's nice to see a different take on it involving all of them at once. It's wonderful.

Congratulations to everyone from Appleton North on their production of Shrek, and special shoutout to Joey and Alex, who did a spectacular job!

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on March 25 due to Midterms and Travel).