Monday, March 17, 2014

Day 441: St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! Am I wearing green? You better bet I am. I mean, one of my favorite actors is Irish, so it is an important holiday for me to pay attention to, right? I think so.

I guess there's not really all that much I can discuss about the holiday itself, since it's pretty boring around here, and it's not like I have a ton of people to celebrate with. It's mostly just me and twitter. Yep. I mean, then again there is this guy:

Ha! You all totally thought I was going to post a picture of Colin O'Donoghue. Nope! Meet Buckley, my little Irish dog that sits in my dorm room. He's pretty adorable, right? His full name, however, DOES have a lot to do with Colin and Once Upon A Time: Buckley Liam Jones. For those of you that don't know, Colin's dog is named Buckley, and Liam Jones is the name of Hook's brother on the show (we met him in Good Form...and then he died). Buckley here is 100% Irish, and 100% the cutest stuffed dog ever. 

Like seriously, he is. 

What else am I doing on this fine day? Well, I went to SNC even though we're on break and sat and downloaded Once Upon A Time, and then printed some stuff, grabbed a few things I forgot there on Friday, and finally went to pick up a last couple of things for my trip to Florida. 

Because yes, tomorrow (or tonight sort of rather), I will finally be leaving for home. We're leaving directly to drive to Milwaukee after the Seymour High School Band Concert tonight and we fly out very early tomorrow if you don't already follow me on Instagram and/or Twitter, now is the time to! Lots of pictures coming up and, of course, I'll have vlogs at some point between now and the next couple weeks (depends on how long it takes me to edit them, since I probably won't have time to edit them when I'm in Florida...but we'll see). 

The trip is only 5 days, but if you happen to see me when I'm down there, don't hesitate to say Hi!

And don't worry, as I am in airports over the next week or so I'm going to hopefully be working on updating the blog, since I'm really far behind again and that's drives me crazy! 

Have a magical day & Happy St. Patrick's Day! =)