Sunday, March 16, 2014

Day 440: Pizza Planet Truck

When I asked my Music theory class for random Disney topics, this was one of the things that came up: The Pizza Planet Truck. Now, for those of you that don't remember or know, this is the truck that Woody and Buzz ride in during the original Toy Story film. And Pixar, being Pixar decided that it would be a grand old time to include the truck in just about every single Pixar film after it. Because they're just awesome like that.

So, of course, it was in Toy Story, for quite some time. In A Bug's Life, it sits next to the trailer house (which you can later see in Monsters Inc. as well!). So they kind of killed two birds with one stone there...references to more than one Disney film all at once. Awesomeness.

In Finding Nemo, the truck can be seen as Gill explains is escape plans to the others. It's through a plastic bag as they roll towards the road and over into the ocean. Because of course there's a Pizza Planet truck in Australia. Apparently they went international!

In Cars, the truck got a revamp...meaning a mouth and eyes to make it an actual character. I like it. Granted, Cars is my favorite Disney Pixar I suppose I'd like it either way.

It's a bit far off in Ratatouille, on the bridge as Skinner is chasing Remy, but it's there, and in WALL-E, the truck is found broken and rusted in a junkyard as Eve searches through it for a plant. In Up, the truck gets another redesign, looking more like a delivery van, but it's still there, and obviously Pizza Planet. They must have modified stuff for the big city. Of course, in Toy Story 3 we see it again on the road, looking a little worse for wear during the scene that tells the story of Lotso. In Brave, it's one of the carvings in the woodworking shop the Witch owns, and while I'm not sure where off the top of my head, I'm sure it appears in Cars 2 and Monsters University, because not having it at this point just wouldn't make sense. 

I just love it when Pixar throws in Easter Eggs. They're always so fun to spot. Of course, people continuously ask me about them and sometimes I'm just like yeah I know already, but I really do enjoy it. My favorite happens to be A113, which my brother and I love pointing out. 

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on March 28 due to Midterms and Travel).