Sunday, March 30, 2014

Day 454: Which Ears are my Ears?

Not long ago I took those quizes on Zimbio, but sometimes Disney has quizzes all their own. Today as I was scrolling through my Blogger feed of other various blogs for the first time in days, I came across a very recent post that was a quiz for "Which Disney Ear Hat Should You Wear?"

Now, being a long time Disney fan, I have always believed in the idea of everyone getting a pair of Mouse Ears. I kind of think it should happen on your first visit, because it's just kind of this right of passage if you ask me. But either way, you should just get a pair at some point. When I go in June with two of my closest friends who have never been to a Disney Park before, I have already told them that I will be buying them each a pair of mouse ears. Any pair they choose, and they can get their name on the back. I have a pair from when I was a kid with my name on the back too, and I actually had some of my senior pictures taken with mouse ears.

So when I saw this quiz, I was like "I AM SO TAKING THIS!" and then I did. You can take it right along with me by clicking HERE.

In the end though, after answering all the questions, my result wasn't surprising at all:

According to the quiz, "You're into the latest and greatest, but still appreciate the classics. The Glow with the Show Ear Hat is just right for you as it blends Disney magic and style together." 

What's so funny about this answer? Come June, I was already planning on buying a glow with the show hat. My friends will have Mickey Ears, so I feel like I should too! Of course, the prospect of having Glow with the Show Ears is just awesome, and while there's a slight chance I'll cave and get a different set of ears, I'm pretty sure these are the ones I'm getting. It's just pretty awesome that they light up with the show, right? Yeah, I think it is. 

What ears should you wear? 

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on April 2 due to a super busy week!)