Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Day 435: Who Are You?

If you're up to beat with all the trends on social media, you'll know already that one thing that's seriously "In" right now is the "Who are you" quizzes. There's stuff for "What kind of cupcake are you?" to "What should your real superpower be?" to plenty of Disney quizzes all over the place. I figured that it might be fun to go and do a couple of these. I mean, it seems like a good idea, right? I tend to take most of them, since my friends will send me interesting ones, or I'll just happen to come across one here and there. Either way, there are tons of quizzes out there to take, so here's seven Disney themed ones from Zimbio. To take the quiz, just click the title! It's a link and will take you to the quiz so you can take it right along with me.

Which TV town should you live in? 

Obviously I only included this because of Storybrooke, but I have to laugh. When it comes to Disney or Once or Star Wars, it's pretty easy for me to rig the quiz to give me the result I want. When I answered a few of the first questions on this one, I knew for sure that Storybrooke had to be an option, so I was like "Country, Witch, I offer him a ride, Protect the realm, Superhero, ABC, My Family, A spontaneous adventure, By Car, Purple Fog (ok, isn't that a bit obvious?), Pongo (Ok...the dalmatian), The train tracks and finally, Magic (because that's not apparent at all)." Of course, it gave me Storybrooke. All of those answers easily say Storybrooke. I laughed and was like YES!

But here's where it got funny. I retook the quiz with my real answers, changing a few of them here and there. The funny part? I STILL GOT STORYBROOKE! Seems I know where I need to live.

Which Disney Prince is Your True Love? 

I took a similar quiz on Buzzfeed a while ago, and it gave me Aladdin. It was wrong. Very wrong. That's ok though, because Zimbio obviously knows what's going on. It gave me my REAL Disney Prince True Love, Flynn Rider. Obviously...he is my favorite, and I did run across half of Epcot to meet him. You know, priorities.

Which Muppet Are You? 

Now, I'm not sure what it gave me the first time, although I'm pretty sure it gave me Kermit. That's the funny thing. If you take a quiz now, and then retake it months from now, it's quite possible that your results will change. Interesting how we, as people, change over time, huh? Either way, it now tells me I'm Scooter, and I guess that's pretty accurate...although I don't know if I'm a natural born second-in-command. I think I tend to be the leader...but then again the rest of it is pretty true, considering I do tend to overthink things.

Which Avengers Character Are You? 

Now, the first time I took this I specifically remember getting Fury. But just like the Muppets quiz, I took it a long time ago and my answers are probably a little bit different. So this time I got Hulk. Certainly not my favorite of The Avengers (Iron Man all the way), but I'll take it. I mean, having a bit of a dark side while still being a hero sounds pretty awesome. And I do like wide open spaces.

Which Disney Sidekick Are You?

Of course I'd get Tinker Bell. Does that really surprise you? Ok, so maybe this quiz has nothing to do with the fact that Captain Hook has skyrocketed in my list of favorite Disney characters, bringing the film Peter Pan right along with it, but still. I think being Tink (hehehe) is pretty brilliant. Plus, it seems to fit since people always say I've got some mischief up my sleeve at all times...and I guess I'm pretty stubborn a lot of the time. Oh...and if I'm Tink that means I get wings...so that's pretty awesome too.

Which Disney Villain Are You? 

Sooo I didn't get Hook...but that's ok. This isn't a Once Upon A Time quiz. No, this is a Villains quiz, and I guess that if I had to pick one to be, it would be this one. Maleficent is just pretty darn awesome, so why wouldn't you want to be her? Ok...so maybe her plan wasn't super well thought out...she did get slayed as a dragon, but at least she got to be one! How cool is that? Being a dragon! And bonus: the Maleficent float in Festival of Fantasy is AMAZING!

What Star Wars Character Are You? 

OF COURSE I'M HAN SOLO! DUH! No seriously...this should be really obvious. And while I can cheat it out to give me Han, I don't have to. I can answer truthfully and it will still give me him! Woohoo! Scoundrels all around! Then again...I do own the Millennium Falcon, and my brother is my co-pilot Chewbacca...and my cat is Princess LeiaBelle, so is this really off? No. I don't think so.

BONUS: What Once Upon A Time Character Are You?

Every time I take a Once Upon A Time Character quiz it gives me Charming. I guess it's pretty right, I probably am kind of like Charming...but I honestly know how to get it to give me Emma or Hook as well, and I can easily see bits of myself in both of them too. Plus Regina...that's who it gives me if I answer the first question as Evil. Because really that first one rules out half of the characters right away. In other words, does that make me everyone? No...I am most certainly not Snow or Belle or Rumple. That is just not me.

So for now I'll be cool with Charming. He's pretty awesome.

I'm pretty sure I could do another whole post on these quizzes...and I'm sure I will in the future. It's kind of fun to take them. Good times. So...if you took the quizzes along with me, what did you get?

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on March 27 due to Midterms and Travel).