Monday, March 24, 2014

Day 448: The Tower

Since I'm week's behind, that also means I'm really far behind on Once Upon A Time...or at least blogging about it. We're going to lighten things up though, and just talk a bit about my favorite part of each episode and then a brief summary of what I hope, or think is coming in the weeks ahead of us. And boy, is there a lot. So in this one blog post, we've got three episodes to talk about...three absolutely brilliant, wonderful episodes.

3x12: New York City Serenade

Wait...Hook is in all but one of these pictures? Oops. 

I LOVED New York City Serenade, although I think it was kind of hard to make it a favorite just because we have been waiting three episodes and it had a lot to live up to. I mean, since we have been waiting so long we had high expectations for it and what it included, so when we did finally see it is was going to be hard to capture everything fans wanted in one episode. I do feel a bit sorry for those that don't ship CaptainSwan though, since that's basically all this episode was. Not that I didn't enjoy it...because I did...but I am a bit sad that they cut the hug. Sigh. Soon Lizzie. Soon. 

Other than that I think my favorite part of the episode was totally Hook's one-liners. I mean, the line about "They force fed me something called Bologna," gosh, that one's been a joke within my Once group ever since. But let's not forget about that scene at the end when Henry was like "Why are you dressed like that?" and without missing a beat Hook is like "Why are you dressed like THAT?" HILARIOUS. 

Oh..and then there was that time and major freakout when she called him Killian...twice. And the flying Monkey thing. I totally saw it coming, but was still a SPECTACULAR scene. I LOVED it, and Chris did a great job in the part of Walsh. He was cast perfectly for that part if you ask me. 

3x13: Witch Hunt

I'd just like to say that as the first episode I really knew very little about spoiler-wise, I was really impressed. I mean, with New York City Serenade, I basically knew exactly what happened before I even saw the episode. I could have quote the characters before watching it! That all changes now that we're getting into S3B. Although there were totally a couple of things I figured out ahead of time. I was still surprised-ish when they revealed that Regina and Zelena are sisters, but I had kind of guessed that previously. I mean, I do follow the cast members, so I know who's on set when, and sometimes we get behind the scenes stuff that's like "Oh yeah...duh this is going to happen." 

Favorite parts of this week? ROLAND. THAT CHILD IS ADORABLE. Also, I loved the Charlie's Angels vibe we were getting from Charming, Hood & Hook. Like seriously those three are awesome. Also, Whale's comment about being a vet was hilarious. Other than that, I think the biggest surprise was most certainly Rumple. I mean, I knew the whole time that he wasn't dead. They just can't kill off a super favorite character, and an essential one at that, without causing some major damage to the show, so while I was surprised to see how he came back, him being there in general wasn't a big deal for me. 

My friend Jessica however, her new motto in life is "You Feed the Madness and it Feeds on You." 

3x14: The Tower

If it's any indication by the number of pictures for this third episode versus the previous two, I loved this last episode, The Tower. I heard about Rapunzel coming into play months ago, so I was excited for that, although I feel like they could have done a little bit more with her character than they did...although it does kind of remind me of how they would bring in the shorter storylines in Season 1. Like people always complain about Cinderella, and I guess to a point I'm not super happy about her not being around either, but it's the same concept. Either way, I enjoyed the Rapunzel storyline, considering I found it a great take on the original fairy tale. 

But let's get to the real point of this week: BALLGOWN! How many of you freaked out when Emma was standing there looking like a real Swan in that dress? Yeah, I know I did. I was NOT prepared for it. Although I do have to say that the entire scene really does give me the chills. I mean, it is a nightmare, so I suppose it should, but they wrote it brilliantly, making Emma just enough out of character to make it seem unrealistic, but just enough in character to make it seem real. Beautiful. Also, the part with the hooded figure and Charming and Rapunzel and stuff. THAT WAS WEIRD. As was the time when Zelena was talking to Rumple...and yet another new line around my Once fan group: "All the voices in my head, will be quiet when I'm dead." Foreshadowing to next week?? Hmmmm...

Other thoughts before we get to my final freakout: THE NEVENGERS ARE BACK! Charming and Hood are totally mates now, just like Charming and Hook. They can all be mates together. Best buds! It'd be adorable! Also ZELENA GET THE HECK AWAY FROM SNOW. I also felt that the farmhouse was a nice touch...and the bike. Haha that was great. 

And finally, CAPTAINSWAN! Yes, oh yes, there was plenty of that in this episode too, and I LOVE IT. So many great Hook and Emma moments this week. Like when they were standing in the office and he joked and she just gave him that look...actually, that whole scene was just pretty priceless. And then in the woods when he was all "Because if it can be broken, it means it still works." Just goodness gracious me, who writes this stuff? Also when they were at the farmhouse and he's all "Why are we whispering?" Yeah, that was great too. 

Theories for the Future:

Well, I can't say a lot without giving out spoilers, but I'm pretty sure I know who Zelena's father is...but I won't tell you (or anyone for that matter) who I think it is. Let's just say it might not be who you think. Next week we see the return of Neal, so that should be interesting...especially because I know other things. But no comment on those either. I am excited to see whatever is in store for Regina and Hood though. Those two are up there on my list of ships. But most of all, let's hope for some more wonderful Wicked! Gosh the Wicked Witch has to be one of my favorite characters, just because she is so darn evil. Like I can't handle it. I love to hate her! 

Until Sunday, Once Upon A Time. 

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on March 27 due to midterms and travel).