Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Day 492: Yes, I'm Alive

Hello to my faithful blog readers, if there's any of you out there. I actually have no idea how any people read this, other than my general stats on views to the site in general, but whether you're just finding me or have been here for a while, just silently lurking, welcome. 

I figured that after about two weeks of silence I should let you guys know that I am indeed still alive, I'm just super busy. Finals this semester is paired with the 2 Hour Season Finale of Once Upon A Time, meaning that I'm freaking out for just about every reason possible. I'm half on a social media hiatus, which will go into full effect on Sunday evening, since I won't be watching the season finale until Monday since my friends and I all have a Monday morning final to study for. Will I probably go insane? Yeah, but somehow I'll make it through the two hours which I'll spend in the library or music building, and then retreat back to my dorm room to will away the hours until I can see it. 

This need for the finale is not being helped by my final research paper in Classic and Contemporary Fairy Tales, since I'm writing mine on the element of hope within fairy tales, specifically in the respect that it is necessary to keep fairy tales relevant in newer adaptations such as, you guessed it, Once Upon A Time. It's like a mix of a psychological and cultural analysis of fairy tales, and I'm actually quite excited to dig in and write it...if I can ever get myself to start. I guess I don't really want to write it because that means that the semester, and freshman year, is almost over, and I'm just not ready for that yet. I feel like I just got here and now I'm almost done with my first year! Crazy! 

Anyways, I also have a bunch of music stuff going on, which is always a joy, and once I finish my paper, I've got reading and studying to do for just about every class before finals next week. In other words, the next 6 days should just be a real joy. But hey, finals. That's a thing. And, since I promised it, here's some Once inspired finals motivation: 

Now, after the last episode especially I'm really not a Rumple fan, but I had to share these anyways, even if I do prefer this one: 

Yeah, that one along with the "Not Studying? Bad Form" one might just be on my desk, although everything's going to have to move in a couple of days when we take our lofts down (NOO!) In general though, yes, I am still in the land of the living, and don't worry, I've got a document on Google full of my upcoming blog posts, once I get around to actually writing them. Every day I've missed WILL be made up (and considering that after finals I'm spending three days watching movies with Megan, I think there'll be plenty to talk about). Plus, I've got another Disney trip coming up soon, and there's still a few days left of freshman year...which is plenty of time for new and random Disney references (like one I'm working on today...which will most likely end up being a blog post on one day or another). 

Until then, note that I'm not on Instagram save for a few minutes on Sunday night to post my Disneybound for the finale (which I'm actually wearing on Monday). I'm also off of Tumblr for the week, and come Sunday night I'll be on NO SOCIAL MEDIA (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google, Instagram, etc.) for a period of about 18 hours. Don't worry, you'll know when I'm back. Oh yes, you'll know. 

Good luck to everyone in my situation, also facing the cruelty of finals, and may the force be with you! 

Have a magical day!