Friday, May 30, 2014

Day 515: Can't Pick Just One

Day 22 of the Disney Photo Challenge: A picture from your favorite Disney movie. 

Blast from the Past: 

If you have seen my other 100 Day Photo Challenge, you will know that I don't just have ONE favorite movie. I actually have so many I have to split it into categories. But as far as Disney movies go, that's only just over half. 

Star Wars isn't technically Disney, so that's out of the question right now, and the Non-Disney categories don't count. But we still have everything else. 

So here's the ist: 

Favorite Classic Disney Movie: Beauty & The Beast, Lady & The Tramp

Favorite Modern Disney Movie: The Lion King

Favorite Non-Animated Disney Movie Series: Pirates of the Caribbean

Favorite Pixar Movie: Cars

Favorite Pixar Series: Toy Story

And although there isn't a picture here, my favorite Princess move is Tangled. I just stole the picture from the other challenge cause I'm lazy and didn't feel like finding all the pictures again. 

I have more...but those are just the basics. And the funniest part about B&TB and L&TT is that L&TT is the 15th animated Disney Movie and 15 is my lucky number. B&TB is the 30th animated Disney movie, a multiple of 15. And they have very similar titles and storylines. I guess I just like the idea of the "Princess" Getting together with the Scoundrel. Or something like that. 

Back to the Future: 

Yeah...this one is still impossible to answer.

I actually gave a very detailed account of my Favorite Disney movies a long while ago, which you can find HERE, so I'll do something a little different.

As you may know (if you're not reading my blog completely in order), I've recently been working on rewatching all the Disney films, and a few of them really stuck out to me so far.

Bambi I think was the first that I really just stopped and watched instead of doing work at the same time because I just suddenly had this extreme appreciation for it. I don't know why. I think it has something to do with the fact that the enemy and the villain in the film is us, the humans, and that's just a really heart tugging sort of thing.

Then there was Lady and the Tramp, which as you know, has always been one of my favorites.

But the last one that surprised me was Cinderella I think. I'm not really sure WHY I enjoyed it more than I have previous, but I did. Definitely a great film, especially with the connections to Walt Disney.

I'm slowly working my way through all of them though, and eventually I'll reach the more modern stuff, all while blogging about it as I go! That is...if I can ever finish catching up on posts.

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on August 21).