Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Day 506: Well Then

As of today (And not including today's blog post), I have 30 posts to write in order to catch up. This is what finals do to me I guess. I don't know, this semester seemed to be especially crazy since while everything was pretty spaced out, that was the exact reason it was hard, everything was spaced out so I was just continuously working, and from the way things sound right about now, I'm going to continue that lifestyle for the next month.

BUT, I'm back and I'll be slowly making up all the days I missed (once I figure out what I'm going to write for each day. That can get complicated), among other things. I've got a new vlog going up on my YouTube Channel from my March trip later today, and tomorrow marks one month until the band trip, meaning that I'm going to go make a countdown later tonight so we can put it up in the band room tomorrow. I'm also working on another project that you'll find out about soon enough (it's a secret for a few more days!)

Other than that, I've finished my first year of college, moved (somewhat) back to my house, although I use those terms lightly since my dorm room is in boxes that are currently still sitting in my dining room, and it's only going to get worse since I want to clean out my entire room and put things away and so on and so forth. There's practicing marching and learning music for the band trip, oh and learning a new instrument. I guess I'm learning clarinet in the next month, which should be a real joy. But I do love a challenge, so I'm going to attack it and hope for the best. I mean, at the worst I just end up playing alto when we go down to Disney so there's that. Then there's catching up on the blog and finishing the editing for the final three vlogs from March, because I refuse to not have them done by June, because come then I'll have hours and hours of video editing to do. Plus, it's already been two months since my trip (Oh my has...) and these videos need to be done.

So here's what you can expect:

1. A new vlog on my YouTube channel today.
2. Updates on the blog (I'm currently looking at about five posts a day to make up the lost time).
3. A special announcement/surprise on Monday.

Also, on my Instagram I'm doing another photo challenge to count down the days until my trip (it's about five days off but that's ok!), so feel free to check out the pictures there as well. Of course, as with every photo challenge, you'll see the full set on my blog once I'm finished!

And since she's here, miss Lillybelle says hello! Or meow, whichever you prefer.

Have a magical day, and thanks for sticking with me through finals!