Sunday, May 25, 2014

Day 510: Look Over Here!

Day 19 of the Disney Photo Challenge: A picture of something in the park that deserves more attention. 

Blast from the Past: 

My goodness...who came up with these? 

Actually, this one might be a bit easier. I think something people really need to pay attention to is the cast members. Their job isn't just to help you. It's to make your stay as magical as possible. Now, I often see people blow them off, but the large majority of cast members would LOVE to talk to you, to tell you about their experiences, and in Epcot, the cast members in World Showcase are literally from all over the world...each in their respective country. Ask them about their culture, their home, how they like the states, whatever. 

The cast members are amazing people, literally, they are. They have so many stories, they're there to help you, and they are there to make your day. Cast members often aren't paid a ton, but many stay on for a large majority of their lives just because it's worth it. To make a person's day when they meet Mickey for the first time, or to bring a special birthday desert to your table, or even just to meet someone and be able to help's why the cast members are there, and it's why being a part of the Disney company is such a magical experience. 

The man in the photo is named Stan, and you can learn more about him HERE!

Back to the Future: 

This is difficult.

I certainly agree with my past self. I think the Cast Members that spend their days in the parks DO deserve more attention, simply because I know for a fact that they are an awesome bunch of people, and I literally CANNOT wait to become a part of that.

But as much as I would totally give the same answer, I've actually got a different one too!

It's the music of the parks! Gosh, there are SOOOO many wonderful music groups throughout Walt Disney World and Disneyland and I honestly feel like people need to stop and listen to them more often. I mean, I guess you see a crowd for some of them, but really, stop and listen to these spectacular groups, and then go chat with them afterwards! It's well worth it!

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on August 21).