Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Day 505: Which Disney Side?

2014 is the year of the Disney Side. Alright, so that's partially a lie already because in reality it started at the end of last year, but for the most part, right now it's a big thing. Later this week we have the 24 hour Disney Side party, and there's been stuff going around for months when it comes to the campaign as a whole. The question is, what really is our Disney Side? I mean, it's different for everyone.

At SNC this year, it's funny how you talk to people and when you mention Disney they just light up. "I LOVE DISNEY" they go and proceed to talk about their favorite movie and how they've watched it HUNDREDS of times. Now, while I may indeed have watched Lady & The Tramp, Beauty and the Beast and Tangled a ton of times, that's not the kind of Disney fan I am. I'm most certainly more of a parks person. So ask me a question about Aladdin or The Little Mermaid and I'll Flounder (hahahaha yes pun intended) around like any other person, but ask me something about the parks and I'll give you an hour lecture on the subject at hand.

But from there, our Disney sides get even more specific. Luckily, Disney has a quiz, or multiple quizzes I suppose, to tell us what kind of Disney Side we have, such as THIS QUIZ!

I actually took this quiz and THEN decided to do a blog post on it, so I already have my answer: "Disney Style. You have it. Yours is of the classic variety: you've been a Disney fan from the beginning, and you appreciate the dedication and idealism that goes into creating Disney magic. You probably stick to the traditional Mousketeers Mickey Ears when you're at Disneyland or Walt Disney World, and love nothing better than a classic Mickey Watch."

Gosh do they have me pegged, as I wear yet another of my Disney scarves and subconsciously sit wishing I had a Donald or Mickey watch. Maybe then I'd actually be able to know what time it is instead of checking my phone every five minutes. Well, then I'd just check my watch every five minutes, but that's beside the point.

So what's your Disney side? And I know there are other quizzes out there, so maybe we'll take one of those in the future. I mean, if you really think about it, we all have our own unique combination of Disney, and that's what's makes us all so special (and awesome).

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on May 21 due to Finals).