Thursday, May 22, 2014

Day 507: The Middle

I love it when TV shows go to Disney World. I mean, Full House went, and that's my favorite episode. Modern Family has gone, as has Rosanne. Actually, a lot of shows go at one point or another (although I honestly hope Once never does...that would just be weird...then again...I'll come back to this...), and it just makes me really happy. Well last night was the season finale of The Middle, and of course, they went to Walt Disney World. I recorded it so I'd be able to watch it (and this way my family can watch it tonight. I'll force them to, especially since I know my Dad likes the show).

But since I'm sitting at my kitchen counter working on catching up on blog posts, I figured I would watch it as I work (Although when Disney is on the screen that generally means more watching than working). The first half of the hour finale isn't actually really at Disney, but rather them trying to get there without dying, and eventually they get there. If you haven't seen the episode yet and wish to, I won't tell you everything that happens, but let's talk for a second about how much I love these things.

1. Disney Lingo

Seriously, I'm starting to think that there should simply be a language called "Disney." Really, there's so many words that the rest of the world just doesn't understand. Here's a few we could add: Fastpass, Magic Band, Parkhopping, The Double Finger Point and who knows what else. Because really, let's be real here, we all have this certain way of referring to things. It's actually funny because when we were returning our lofts at college, I was walking through the line and heard someone mention fastpass and I just instantly was like "Woah what!?" My friends made me keep walking, but the person had a good point...we all could have used a fastpass for returning our lofts.


You know those times when you travel to a place, say Italy, and go to a library because it's historic, and freak out because you are standing exactly where Harrison Ford stood? Or how if I ever went to Steveston and went into the diner there I would just be like COLIN STOOD RIGHT HERE AND I'M NEVER LEAVING BECAUSE HE'LL BE BACK. Those kinds of things? Well it's fun to watch these TV shows because, and especially in this case, you watch and they stand places and instead of you standing where they did, they are standing where YOU STOOD. And where you'll hopefully go and stand again. If you're like me, you know every inch of the Disney parks, and it just makes it super special to watch and be like "Yep, I've stood there."

3. Cranes

One thing I do worry about when it comes to the band trip this summer is what the hub will look like. We all know that it's under some major renovation at the moment, and while it honestly won't faze me, I worry about everyone else. We all kind of want to step onto Main Street and have our first glimpse of the Castle and everything, but to be honest, a good 75% of the time, something is wrong. It's called a crane. For at least 2 months out of the year, there's at least one crane sitting around the castle, and while they do go down for fireworks and such, for the most part it's just there. Eventually you get pretty used to it. I am, that's for sure. I couldn't care less (although maybe ONE picture of the castle during the day WITHOUT a crane would be brilliant). We just call it the Crane Castle. It works. But what I found hilarious? The Middle filmed only a couple of days after I visited Walt Disney World, and there wasn't a Crane in sight. Either they edited them out or they put them down for filming, but either way it provided endless entertainment for me.

4. Things That Actually Happen

If you really think about what I just said about the cranes, it really DOES seem like they overplay how awesome Disney is. I mean, if the castle has cranes all around it half the year, showing it without the cranes can lead to some serious disappointment when you actually get there. But the thing that I loved about The Middle is that while some of the stuff that happens MIGHT seem a bit crazy (ok, the whole tickets thing...), but a lot of the stuff that goes on ACTUALLY happens. Like, the fact that they upgraded their room? It's happened to us. Maybe we didn't get the most expensive room on property, but we have been upgraded. For those who have never been there and experienced it, it might seem a little crazy, but for the most part it's not. Magical stuff really does happen.

5. The guy did the double finger point and I caught it and freaked out. 'Nuff Said.

Now, back to the whole Once thing. As much as I love to see TV shows go to Disney World, I really don't think Once should. I mean, can you imagine? Plus it's not a sitcom, so it's just not the right kind of show for such things. Having Emma joke about it would be priceless though. Can that please happen? Then again, if they DID go to Disney, I would totally find out when they were filming...and I would be there. Meeting my favorite people is one thing, but meeting them at my favorite place too? That's another. Can you imagine how magical that would be? Plus, there is this gem:

Not much can beat Regina in New Fantasyland, am I right? Plus, we have to remember that Ginny was there for the opening. So that's epic too. I guess that means that in a way, Once has been to Disney World already. Plus Josh and Ginny go to Disneyland all the time. Maybe someday when I work there I'll get to see them! It would be great! Ok, enough about Once.

Overall, I loved The Middle going to Disney. It kind of reminded me of my family when we go, never deciding on what we want to do, and there have certainly been days when we didn't get anywhere until 3 in the afternoon! But we've survived many family vacations, so as the Heck's pointed out, I guess we're doing alright!

Have a magical day!