Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Day 512: Beat the Heat

Day 20 of the Disney Photo Challenge: A picture of the best way to beat the heat at Disney. 

Blast from the Past: 

Well, I'll be a bit more creative than my other answers of "Find a Store, eat somewhere, Head to "The American Adventure or Hall of Presidents, Go on Spaceship Earth." 

Nope, I'm going to say something that's really fun. Disney sells these little spray fans and these are pretty popular, and aren't just sold at Disney. 

I guess the reason I'm saying this because remember how I went to Disney with Gordon in Summer 2011? Well, he got one of these spray fans, and everyday we were down there he would ask me if I wanted to be sprayed. I would take off my glasses, kneel down and he'd spray the cool water all over my face. It was so adorable...and I did the same thing when I got my first spray fan...although no one ever wanted me to spray them. 

It's a great way to keep cool when you aren't near a store, restaurant or attraction with AC, and it's fun for everyone. Plus, it's a piece of the parks that you can take home with you. 

Back to the Future: 

Since I know that two years ago I had never actually experienced extreme heat at Walt Disney World, and I have now, it's obvious that my answer is going to be pretty different. The way I do Disney is different too, so that certainly changes things as well, since in the past few trips I have been very adamant about carrying as little as humanly possible to the parks with me.

Meaning that goodness no, I don't have room to carry a water bottle sprayer with me.

But I do have some experience with heat in the parks now. In fact, my last three trips were insanely weird for me, since I generally am NOT there when it's above 80 degrees. I go in the winter, for the most part, when you want to wear a jacket and then add another because even though I'm from Wisconsin, you get COLD. Granted, I did go in Summer of 2011, but that was a strange trip as well, and honestly I don't remember how I dealt with it back then.

I think my number one way to beat the heat is water though. Just LOTS and LOTS of water. When I'm down there in the summer, in order to make sure I keep drinking, I buy my water instead of bringing my own water bottle. Yeah, that cost adds up, but it's only like one or two actually bought a day, since I have some in our room (or try to), which I drink in the morning and at night, then I get one at lunch, buy one in the afternoon and have only water at dinner (or whatever meal is the sit-down meal versus the counter service). That way I can keep track of exactly how much water I've had, and know that "Hey, I didn't buy a water this afternoon" that I probably should.

Other than that, I just try to go about things as usual. My time at Disney is a very precious thing, so I try not to let heat or rain slow me down. I wear appropriate clothing, spend as much time as possible inside air conditioned buildings and drink ALL THE WATER.

After all, the heat never bothered me anyway...

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on August 21).