Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Day 561: Basically Famous

So I'm still no where the level of famous that some people are, and I certainly don't want to be. It sounds like a lot of work.

But let's review. Since I've become such a huge fan of OUAT (which really started in 2011, but didn't get bad until this last year), I've had just about one goal. Since we got into Disney for and I had to put my dream focus somewhere else, right? I set it on tweets from the cast and crew of Once Upon A Time.

As you all know, I've previously gotten tweets from several cast members. There's been favorites and retweets as well, and I have to simply give special shoutouts to Adam Horowitz for those two tweets and Gabe Khouth for being awesome all the time. Of course, the tweets I've gotten are not limited to that. In fact, prior to July 15, I've gotten notifications from 10 cast and crew members (not including multiples for a couple of them). That's a whole bunch!

But as you can imagine, there's a couple cast members that I set my sights on, most notably Colin O'Donoghue and Jennifer Morrison. As two of my top three favorite actors, of course they're going to be at the top of the list. I've been trying for months to get a tweet, and I decided that my birthday was going to be my goal. If I could get a tweet from Colin on my birthday my life would basically be complete.

Not that I thought any different of that day from any other day I had tweeted him. It's not exactly something I just started recently, and we all know how absolutely difficult it is to get a tweet from this guy.

My birthday started out right at midnight as some of my closest friends, who are awesome, texted or Facebooked me. Now, my friend Emily talked about how she wished she could get Colin for me for my birthday, and my best friends said the same. Then, my friend Allie sent me this:

And then one of my roommates for this next year, Ashley, sent me a picture of Colin as well. So I guess you could say that Colin was a popular theme on my facebook wall for my birthday this year. 

So I figured, well, I might as well tweet about it. Megan had sent Colin a tweet earlier in the day saying that a happy birthday would make my life, and then I tweeted and when a few minutes later my phone buzzed I HONESTLY THOUGHT IT WAS A JOKE. 

But nope...this happened: 


Literally you guys have no clue how happy this makes me. Last night, I was trying to go to bed when I checked twitter and I ended up on his profile and the tweet is still sitting there obviously and then I got all smiley and was just WAYYYYYY too happy to sleep. BECAUSE COLIN TWEETED ME. 

And then, of course, everyone asked me what I'm going to do now. I've marched down Main Street, I've gotten a tweet from Colin, one of my favorite actors. Basically, my dreams have been fulfilled. So what's next? Well...there's always JMo. And now that this actually happened I have my sights set on thanking him in person someday. 

Because let's be real here. We all know I'm going to meet him someday. Whether or not I'll faint in the process though, that's another story. 

Have a magical day! 

(This Blog post was written on July 17, 2014).