Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Day 548: Disney Performing Arts

If you've read all my blog posts about my Disney trip with the Seymour High School Band, I'm sure you're getting tired of them right about now.This final post about it will make 11 posts on the topic all in a row, but you'll get why I'm talking about this in just a minute.

You see, for the last how many years (alright, more like year and a half), I've said that I want to work for Walt Disney Imagineering. I've answered countless questions about what that is and what they do and how I would do that and how in the world music and English work into that career path. It's a long winded discussion every single time. But since then I've had to do some...we'll call it soul searching.

This blog is actually one of the main reasons that I came across the idea and dream of working for Disney. For years, and if you've been reading for a long time you've probably heard this before, I always said that I never wanted to work for Disney. I want to keep the magic for me at Walt Disney World and pursue a career elsewhere. But life likes to make twists and turns on us, and sometimes our happy ending isn't always what we expect it to be.

Speaking of which, Once Upon A Time did change this a little bit too. It's because of the show that I realized that I would be more than happy to work ANYWHERE in the Disney company, not just in Imagineering. If for some reason my writing someday is good enough to land me a job writing for a show like Once, I'm certainly not going to complain. And Adam and Eddy certainly inspire me to continue pursuing and working on my own writing.

That's still not the point though. When Nick gave the speech at the end of our parade, something in my clicked. I previously talked about how I was the little girl on the side of Main Street that watched the Marching Bands go by, and that's what inspired me to go into music. All of this did, and it's been a long journey. But as I go through the music program here at SNC I've realized how much I'd miss music if I didn't go into a career there either, and it occurred to me that I would love to work with Disney Performing Arts. Essentially, I would love to be Nick, and work with the groups themselves, leading them down Main Street. Because I've lived every other step of that journey, and I know what it takes to get there.

So now my path has changed, once again. I am looking forward to working with music, and I certainly am excited for this coming school year when I can get a practice room back and play my alto whenever I really feel like it, right alongside my friends who are doing the same thing. And then, someday, maybe I'll take that final step with Disney Performing Arts and become a part of the team, so I can help inspire even more people just like me. Because that's what we all really want to do with life, isn't it? We want to inspire and be inspired.

Plus, a career that involves Disney AND Music sounds pretty great to me.

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on August 8).