Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Day 575: Bathsoaps

You know all the free stuff that hotels have and then you take home because "well, I payed for the room and this stuff is free?" The various soaps and shampoos and conditioners and lotions and the occasional bathrobe if the hotel is super awesome or you paid for some upgrade. Yep, those. Sometimes you ever find like a beach ball or lamp or stuffed animal that you can purchase if you really wanted to. I prefer to stick to the free stuff, but hey, go for it if you really want a stuffed frog.

My dad and I tend to be the people who go through the room last, with me personally savoring every last second I can in my home, and if we get through it and those soaps and shampoos aren't already collected, we pick them up (much to mom's chagrin) and throw them in one of the last suitcases.

It is because of this obsession with free bathsoaps that I now basically run a hotel out of my bathroom.

I have soaps from 15 years ago to be honest (actually maybe I got rid of those...they were from the Grand though and were sitting in my drawer), and soaps from just a trip ago. In fact, whenever I have a friend come over and ask to use my shower I ask if they want complimentary soap or shampoo, because I just have that much of the stuff. It lines over an entire shelf in the cabinet, all little bottles ready for use.

In June, my Dad brought me soaps from Disney simply because I didn't get to stay at Disney and therefore didn't have the little soaps and such to take home myself. They've been sitting on my table since then, mostly because I just haven't had a chance to put them away. But maybe it's because I like seeing them and thinking of Disney. It's a little hint of the real thing in my usually boring, mundane life. It makes me smile. ;)

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on August 28).