Friday, July 11, 2014

Day 557: Most Popular

In my search for what to write about in these last few posts I have to make up, I came across a lot of suggestions to go back and look at my most popular posts. It's sort of difficult to say which are the popular ones, simply because there isn't a surplus of comments or shares on this blog (now is the moment I'm staring you all down). I can, however, look through the posts and see which had the most views, which was quite the entertaining opportunity, and I'm pretty glad I did this.

The Most Popular: 

My most popular blog post of all time, based on views, was Day 42: Disneybound Day!

Why this is, I have absolutely no idea aside from the fact that Disneybounding is a HUGE thing right now, and I certainly hope it stays that way. The funny part is this blog post was soooo early on, probably helping it to get more views simply because it's been up longer. However, I see the pictures featured on that post just about every day, since they are right alongside my signature, which appears at the end of every blog post. I have to scroll past those very pictures to get to the one I need every time I write. Funny how life works that way.

And in case you were wondering, that post has over 500 views, compared to the average 200-300 views on the other popular posts featured here and the general 20 or so views I get on daily posts.

Popular Themes: 

Oddly enough, I feel like I talk about OUAT a lot. I mean, I really do, after all. It's my favorite television show, a go to subject at the dinner table and in car rides one way or the other from college and it's just plain a part of my life these days. It makes perfect sense that it weaves it's way into my blog then.

What I didn't expect when I went through the blot posts, however, was the extreme interest any time OUAT was brought up. Many of the highest view totals come from these posts, including the following:

Day 498: The Memes of OUAT
Day 391: Colin O'Donoghue
Day 448: The Tower
Day 336: Save Henry

Also, fun fact, this particular post - Day 335: Ship Names - has a lot of views for some reason or another. It's not the highest by any means, but it does have a significant number of views, and I had to comment on this fact because I happen to remember writing this post. It was really late and my roommate last year had already gone to bed. I'm a loud typer, so I moved to the hallway, where I sat on the floor and wrote about ship names. I decided my ship name was Lizney (Lizzie & Disney). It makes sense, even now.

Super Random Popular Things: 

Then there are the posts that are popular for no reason other than people are probably searching for something that happens to be a keyword on the post. After all, just because there's a pageview doesn't mean the person is actually reading what I'm writing. I won't blame anyone for skimming or skipping a post or not reading in general either though...I write a lot. I know that. I know that to the point where I don't proofread anymore. So please, ignore my small mistakes. They happen. Typos and all.

Such random popular posts include:

Day 316: Supersize Me
Day 259: Bulletin Boards
Day 171: Must Watch Movies
Day 339: Happy Birthday Walt!
Day 385: Frozen Appreciation

Weird, huh?

In general, it was quite interesting to look at what was the most popular based simply on pageviews. I can't control which ones people read in particular, but I simply hope that at some point there's something enjoyable for every Disney lover out there, even if I am really long winded.

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on October 29).