Saturday, July 26, 2014

Day 572: Actors & Why I Love Them

I have this new, extreme respect for actors. And honestly I've been planning this blog post for a few weeks, but now that I'm sitting here writing it, I just don't remember what I was going to say, so we'll see how this all works out.

Oh, right! I remember!

A week or so ago I spent a good amount of time filming a video, which hopefully will be done in the near future. Actually, I spend a lot of time filming videos lately, which is both good and bad. It takes enough time to film them, much less get them edited and on YouTube, but after doing a full blown shoot (although I was all by myself), I totally have some seriously respect for them.

In a matter of a few hours, I was the director, writer, actress, stunt double, driver, security and just about everything else. I had three different outfits, did my hair and makeup three different times, received two injuries, jumped off a fallen tree more times than I can honestly count and had so many takes I can't even count them all. I imagine it's a little bit easier when you have a crew behind you, meaning that you can focus more on your acting and what you're doing, but at the same time, there's still a job there, and they love what they do.

I mean, think about it. When you're an actor, you have to work with all sorts of people, often times punching them, or having them punch you, kissing each other, showcasing these fake relationships on screen and it's your job to make sure they seem real. I don't know if I could do that. And memorizing lines. Gosh, it takes me forever to get through one script for a video. It's just difficult to do.

And then, in many cases, or at least with my favorite actors, they go home and have a real life behind the scenes, and as much as I'd love to see pictures of them with their family, I pick my favorite actors and actresses on a very high standard, which is how much they keep their private life private. I don't need to know everything that's going on in their lives, although an update or picture of a dog is often times nice, just to know they're doing good. Because I wouldn't want people outside my door either.

I always say that I don't want to be famous, at least not really famous. I want to be famous on a level where I can go to meet other famous people and have a real, honest discussion with them aside from talking across a table or something, because I look up to these people, not because they're famous and bloody amazing at their jobs, but because I love how they handle the cameras and the interviews and themselves. But on the opposite side, I want to be just not-famous enough that no one cares about me and the media will, largely, leave me alone. That would be great. I like to keep my private life private, thank you very much. You can see it even in my social media usage. You don't see a lot of my family aside from my cat and my brother every once and a while. And it's going to stay that way. You don't need to know about my relationships or my family otherwise. You just don't, and I don't want to share. End of story.

Which is why I have respect for the actors I call my favorites. Take Josh and Ginny for instance. It's been how many months now and we have yet to see a real picture of Oliver. Which is great, because kids like that shouldn't be in the spotlight all the time. I know he's adorable though. I just know it.

So thank you to all the wonderful actors out there, especially those that control and keep their professional and private lives separate from one another. I respect that. If I'm ever famous, that's how I want to be, and I know I would be with you guys as role models.

Also, I need a stunt double. Filming taught me that one for sure. No more jumping off fallen trees.

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on August 28).