Thursday, July 24, 2014

Day 570: Excitement Level Zero

The fair has once again come to town, but this year it's a bit different for all of us.

First off, I'm no longer in 4-H, which means that I didn't have any projects to do. In fact I was hardly at the fair at all this year, which was great. I've never really been a huge fan of the fair, and that's something my friends could never really understand. At least, until now. 

As you may know (or may not since I haven't actually written those blog posts yet), I recently got back from a trip to Walt Disney World with two of my best friends. Three days is a bit difficult to fit much of the world in, but we did alright (although that's certainly a blog post for a different one from a really long time ago). 

But when we were discussing the fair, my one friend commented on the fact that it just wasn't the same after she went to Disney. And I instantly couldn't help but laugh. I've been saying this literally for years. It's the reason I'm not a huge fair fan and won't spend all that money to go on all the rides. Why should I do that when I'm lucky enough to go to Disney and experience the real thing. 

Granted, Megan and I figured out this year that the fair is totally a city type of thing. If you live in town, then you go to the fair just about every day. It's hard not to when you can hear the music and noise from miles away (often times even out at our house). But when you live in the country as we do, there's just not much appeal in having to drive in to the fair and pay for parking (even if I don't have to since my brother is still in 4-H and we have a pass). 

The truth is, the fair just isn't fun once you've experienced Walt Disney World. Even the attractions that are very similar just seem off because you're used to the spectacular stuff down in Florida. And don't get me started on the food. After fair week, I'm perfectly fine with not eating fast food for a long while. Food at Disney may be expensive, but at least it's a bit healthy. I'm not too sure what I ate all of fair week was any good for me. 

Either way, fair is over now, and I'm glad. We get our town back. At least for another week or so before Hamburger Fest pulls in. Between now and then I think I'll just enjoy the fact that the people driving on Main Street actually know that it isn't two lanes and the speed limit is 25. 

Have a magical day! 

(Note: This blog post was written on August 1st).