Saturday, July 5, 2014

Day 551: A Present Worth Waiting For

I'm starting to think that there's enough to cover on this band trip that I could talk about it for the rest of the summer, but who knows really.

Today's topic? A present.

Now, a long time before we even knew we were accepted to Walt Disney World, I had an idea. My friend Ashley was just about as excited as a person can get for their very first trip to Walt Disney World, and since she didn't have the experience or class time that Megan had in her lessons on the world, I figured I would help her out.

She got clues, and there were rules and a letter and so on and so forth, but in the end this is how things worked: She was allowed to open one present every other hour on the bus ride to Florida, since it was comprised of a bunch of pieces. It spread things out and kept the excitement least for Megan and I. In addition, each present was wrapped and had a short clue as to what was behind the paper, and she had to read it before she could open the gift. I'll share those as well as we go through, and you can guess for yourself!

Present 1: 

There wasn't really a clue with this one, and if there was I don't remember what it was. It was actually a letter, explaining everything she needed to know and refreshing her on the clues she had been given before being given a final clue that read "You'll Need all of these this week."

Present 2: 

This present may be second, but it's also a first.
To many a guest this thing is dispersed. 

Any ideas as to what this one might have been? If you guessed a first visit button, you'd be correct, and don't worry, Megan got one too. When it's your very first trip to Walt Disney World it's just kind of something you need, and I had my own "I'm Celebrating" Button that was for my 25th trip in addition to the band trip.

Present 3: 

If you shake the box you might figure it out,
You've seen these more times than you can count. 

So maybe I did a real play on words with this one. There are some things at Walt Disney World that, if you don't know about it, you probably won't get to experience it, and pressed pennies is one of those things. So I went through my loose change and found pennies perfect for pressing, as well as a few for throwing in the fountains, and then had a separate bag with quarters to pay for the pennies. It worked out great too, because she actually forgot to bring spare change like I had talked about to the entire band. Mission accomplished.

Present 4: 

This and a previous gift are closed connected,
But it's not something you've already collected. 

Gosh I'm so mean sometimes. All these little clues and yet she had to wait so long. This one is closely connected to Gift 2 though, and it's something that I never really got from Walt Disney World. I did, on the other hand, get one of these at Disneyland. Yes, it's a first visit pin. It's different from the button, that's for sure, and I just feel like it's one of those things you might want to have, especially if you collect pins.

Present 5: 

After these there are many a pursuer,
but if you're not careful it is your thumb you may skewer. 

Obviously a reference to a clue I gave her (You can stab yourself with it) before she got the actual gift, this one makes a lot of sense when you put it all together. Yep, it's a starter set of trading pins, which we eventually got her to start trading on the last day of the trip. I have it on video. It's adorable.

Present 6: 

A previous present on this will go.
I'll give you a hint: it's blue,
Not as white as snow.

If you have pins, of course you need a lanyard! Jonny helped me pick one out in July 2013 for her (shows how long this present was in the works) that was blue with the WDW Logo on one side and the castle on the other. We figured she'd like it. =)

Present 7: 

These two pals will keep you company the whole trip through,
And when you return home they'll keep you company there too. 

You know how at like JC Penny they do have some Disney merch? Actually, a lot of retail stores do. Most do. Well I stopped over there and picked up a little Mickey and a little Minnie for her to have, that way we wouldn't have to worry too much about finding one while at Disney, because you just need one of them. I have two in my bedroom, three...two Star Wars Mickeys and one Indiana Jones. Plus there's the fact that my entire bedroom is filled with Mickey soo...

Present 8: 

You've asked about this one for quite some time,
And hiding it from you has felt like a crime. 

I cannot tell you how many times people ask me about autograph books, and Ashley's no exception. I actually carry my own autograph book around in my satchel, for what reason I have no clue, but I do. And there were constant questions about when an autograph would land in our hands. Little did she know I had one sitting aside for her the whole time, and more than once it was sitting right in front of her, still in it's packaging and obviously very suspicious. You can bet how thankful I am she never actually saw it.

Present 9: 

With so much out there you want to buy,
This might help with what catches your eye. 

I got the gift card in July along with most of the other stuff, and it literally sat in my wallet the whole time. That's right, I carried part of her present with me everywhere I went for MONTHS. In fact, it came home from Disney in July, went back in March, came home again and traveled once more in June. Crazy, huh?

Present 10: 

It's been a long time since we started this ride,
But in this paper your final present resides.  
Dad has some from Nineteen Seventy Four,
And you had to pay a bit to find some more.  
But your's are kind of different,
How, you'll soon find out.
You'll like them I know,
I have not a doubt. 

By far my favorite part of the present is this final gift, and Ashley was not alone in receiving one, since Megan got one too. Yeah, I recreated a Walt Disney World ticket book and filled it with things they could redeem with me as we made our way through the world. Now, I feel like they each have one left, but that's alright, because they can still use them in January. These have no expiration date. Things included? Mickey Ears, Dole Whips, Pins, all sorts of stuff. And my favorite part? Each ticket could rip out all by itself too, and it really looked like a real ticket book.

Now if only I could find a picture of it.

And so, Ashley, I hope you enjoyed your present, and how does it feel to have a blog post entirely about it? Probably pretty strange. But you have to admit that me blogging about this probably crossed your mind. Just think about how much more I'll blog about you after January! And you'll be in the vlogs! Friends and Disney is a great combination!

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on August 8).