Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Day 554: About Me

This blog post needs a subtitle:

About Me

A Year and a Half Later

It's been a really, REALLY long time since I first introduced myself, and honestly, this blog is the chronicle of the past 22 months of my life, so really you shouldn't need any further introduction. But since introducing my blog to a few of my friends here at college, I've realized that I'm quickly approaching 700 blog posts, and maybe we should do a refresher, especially since my life has changed an unbelievable amount since Day 2. Want to know how much? Go read Day 2 before reading this post!

My name is still Lizzie, and yes, I am still obsessed with Disney. 

(Might as well say "Hello Lizzie!" all over again!)

I'm 19 years old, and I live part time in a small city in Northeastern Wisconsin and part time at my college in De Pere, and yep, Wisconsin IS obsessed with cheese. It's October as I write this and while winter coats have come out for several days in the past few weeks, almost every day actually, it hasn't snowed yet...it's also not Friday either...and apparently the cold never bothered me anyway. I did indeed grow up in a family of four people, my mom and my dad, my brother Jonathan and, as Hook would say, meself. I'm the oldest of the two kids (or at least I assume I am...I hope that didn't change from 2013), but my brother is now 15. Gosh he's getting old. I've gone to the same school district my entire life, but I obviously now go to college, which is a smaller private school. Within the change coming here, my friend group changed more times than I can count, and honestly, many of the friends I had back then are no longer included. It's sad, I know. But I've still got plenty of wonderful people around me. 

My obsessions, outside of Disney of course, include music (I'm a music major who plays saxophone, oboe and piano), photography (I think it's mostly instagram now...), reading, writing, movie watching, making videos and ONCE. UPON. A. TIME. I'm not a senior year in High School anymore, but rather a sophomore in college, and alongside music I'm also an English major. I'm still hoping to do the Disney college program and would LOVE to have a long-term career with Disney. 

Now, my obsession with Disney itself probably hasn't changed too much. I still don't have ONE favorite Disney movie, and my favorites are still "Beauty and the Beast," "Lady and the Tramp," "The Lion King," "Pirates of the Caribbean," "Indiana Jones," and "Star Wars," with the additions of "Tangled" and "Frozen."  I'm still a member of Disney Vacation Club and a regular Annual Passholder, but I've been to Disney 25 times in my short 19 years. My favorite park will always be Epcot and my favorite attraction will always be Spaceship Earth. It was, after all, my very first Disney World attraction back at the young age of 1. I still collect all things Spaceship Earth, Han Solo is still my favorite Star Wars character and Harrison Ford is still one of my favorite actors. 

LillyBelle is still my only house cat, and there are still some cats in the barn, or so I hear. 

What's really different? Once has become a HUGE part of my life, and Colin O'Donoghue and Jennifer Morrison have both taken their places in my list of favorite actors. They're like my life now, and I've gotten twitter notifications from both (it's weird to think back to a year ago when I hadn't gotten a tweet from Colin and now I have one framed on my desk...because yes I'm weird). Oh, and I really love Fairy Tales in general now. I took a class on them last semester and fell in love with OUAT and the stories it's based on. 

In other words, the last year and a half has been pretty great, and now, if you're just beginning Everyday Disney, you know at least a little bit more about me and my updated life. 

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on October 29).