Thursday, December 5, 2013

Day 339: Happy Birthday Walt!

Today's Disney History is pretty obvious, at least it should be! But in case you're super out of the loop, here you go!

1901: Walter Elias Disney is born to Flora and Elias Disney in their two-story cottage at 1249 Tripp Avenue in a newly developed section of Chicago, Illinois. The fourth Disney son is named to honor the family's pastor and friend Walter Parr, a preacher at St. Paul Congregational Church. The pastor, in turn, will later name his son Elias, after Walt's Father.

In other words, today is yet another important day in the world of Disney. Today would be Walt's 112th birthday, which certainly is nothing to laugh at! That's a lot of years! Although I was thinking just this morning that in only a few years (ok, more than a few), Walt will have been dead as long as he was alive. That's ridiculous to think too, if you ask me. I mean, look at how many generations lived WITHOUT Walt Disney being alive, and I often times wonder what our world would be like had Walt continued to live his life. Either way, there's a very small chance that he'd be alive at any point in my life (He would have been 93 when I was born), but it's still something to think about.

But how different would our world be if Walt hadn't lived at all? I may have touched on this subject before (honestly everything kind of muddles together after 300 some days of blogging), but to say the least, our world would be very, very different.

I mean, other than the basic things that we wouldn't have, such as Mickey Mouse or Disney World or any of those Classic Animated Movies that we grew up with, there are a series of other things that, had Walt not lived, would be very, very different.

For instance, Walt Disney (and the studio) can be basically credited with the re-invention of animation, as they introduced more sophisticated techniques, enforcing the concept of personality in cartoon characters and making the first feature-length animated film (Snow White). Along with this, Disney was responsible for the first nature documentary and was one of the prime movers of the conservation movement, both through the film Bambi and then the Studios "True-Life Adventures."

Walt Disney founded the California Institute for the Arts (CALArts), intended as a school to train artists for motion pictures, and Walt was influential in the world of Mass Communication, largely through his theme parks, but especially through his presence on television.

And don't even get me started on the impact he's had on theme parks! Disneyland was an innovation in itself, and Walt Disney World continued with that. There are tons of innovations within the parks and the various attractions you can find there.

Also, Disney posted this timeline to promote Saving Mr. Banks (you better bet I'll be in the theater on December 20th), and I thought it was interesting, so I figured I would share it here! =)

For more information on Walt's Life, as well as some really interesting facts, some of which were even new to me, click here!

Have a magical day, and Happy Walt Day!