Monday, December 9, 2013

Day 343: The New Neverland

While it's later than normal for my usual Monday watching of Once Upon a Time, it is that time again, thankfully! This week's episode was...interesting, I suppose. Kind of made me angry and happy all at the same time.

So Spoiler Alert starts now for Episode 3x10: The New Neverland

This week starts out with Eric and Ariel, which was cute...and then the scene that I've been waiting two months for: the return to Storybrooke. It was every bit as cute and wonderful as one could imagine, and it's just weird to finally see it after so long. I mean, I saw spoiler pictures for this back at the end of like October or whenever it was that they filmed it. I've known for so long who would for sure be returning. Actually I remember when I first saw it and Neal wasn't there and I was like "Good he dies" and then there finally was one with him and I was like "DARN YOU NEAL!" We'll come back to this.

I have to say the best moment of the entire return was the Darling Family being reunited. I legit almost cried this second time I watched it.

Throwback to the Enchanted Forest at the time of Snow and Charming's Honeymoon. Ok, as much as I sometimes hate these two, Charming is quickly climbing back up my favorite character list. They were pretty darn adorable. Just so cute. Grumpy didn't think so though. Because yes, trying to capture Medusa is such a wonderful idea.

Out on the docks of Storybrooke, Panry is being evil. He plays his part well, punishing Felix to make it seem like he's really Henry. Because yeah, Emma will never catch on even though she can easily tell when someone is lying. Even Pan in Henry's body won't fool her for long. We get some Rumbelle moments too, because well, we've had tons of CaptainSwan (although not in recent weeks), and some SwanFire, and of course the other half of this episode is all Snowing, so I suppose those Rumbelle shippers need some stuff too.

And then it's like "Ok, we've been in Neverland with one set of clothes, no showers, running around in the jungle for a week, so let's not take a shower...but instead go to a nice party." This part just kills me. Weeks and weeks and weeks ago I was like "Hook's gonna back off, because he loves Emma and wants what's best for her, not for him, so he's gonna leave her to be with Neal." Turns out I was right. Although yes, he is a devilishly handsome pirate.

So Neal goes and asks Emma out on a date, one that both Snow and Charming believe she should go on because she deserves it for herself. But Emma, being the smart one she is, decides that she doesn't want to do that, at least not now. She just got Henry back, and even though that's true, she doesn't feel that two hours later is a good time to start up her love life again. So Emma picks up Henry to go to bed, but Panry decides that he wants to stay with Regina. Emma knows something is up, already.

Then we get this really creepy scene where Panry is looking through Henry's room to try and learn how to be normal Henry. Too bad he totally ruins it by asking Regina about "The Vault." He comes up with an excuse, and Regina falls for it. Doesn't have the same lie detector as Emma I guess. But I do like this scene because Regina is giving up magic. Like she really seems to want what's best for Henry, and it's a nice parallel to last week and development in her character. We didn't really have a lot of that in Season 1, so I'm happy that we're getting it now. Oh yeah...also, Panry is all interested in magic and it's time. So he summons up that shadow of his that was still on the Jolly and now it's flying about town. Wonderful.

Once again in the Enchanted Forest, and still on their honeymoon, Snow and Charming are out hunting Medusa because when you look into her eyes you turn to stone. So Snow is like "Let's cut off her head and use her to turn Regina to stone so she can't hurt any of us." Charming knows something is up though, about why this is so important to Snow.

Back to Storybrooke, Rumple's brought the cure for the dreamshade to Charming, on the house...and someone in the "future favor" business. Still, it's cool. And Charming drinks it and then is all "I'm gonna act funny to make everyone think that I'm dying but really I'm not and I'm just hilarious like that." Cute Charming. Cute. Except Emma didn't listen to them...Neal's sitting alone at one of the other booths.

Emma, smart smart Emma, is down by the shore just chilling. Charming of course comes to find her, wondering if she's ok. She's worried about Henry, because obviously she can see right through Panry. Bad things seem to keep happening and she's sick of it, and Charming thinks that it's just a matter of good and bad moments. He thinks eating with Neal would be a good moment, so he somehow convinces Emma to go with him to Grannies so she can do so. But we do get a couple of great Charming lines, such as when Emma asks if he's just doing this to keep her away from someone Hook, to which Charming replies, "You think I'm interested in Hook? Emma, I'm a married man!"

Meanwhile we have a hurt Hook looking to try and forget Emma. So he's all "Tink, you're here and I'm here" but she's not having it. Honestly the entire seen was pretty good, as much as I may want to hit Hook in the head, because it was done so well. Even if he is basically flirting with Tink, it's not the same. It's not his normal innuendo. He just looks and sounds sad. Honestly though, this entire CaptainSwan arc is matching up with the Snow and Charming love story quite nicely. I mean, Snow took that potion to try and forget Charming so she could let him live and have the best life possible. Hook is only doing the same, only it's for more than Emma, it's for Henry too.

But Emma never actually has a chance to have lunch with Neal because they all hear screaming. We get a great moment outside Granny's though, where Emma asks about if Hook and Tink were having a moment, in which Tink is all "No" and Hook is just like "Perhaps." Jealous much, Emma? Anyway, the screaming? It's Blue, dying because the shadow is ripping her shadow off. Back in the Enchanted Forest Charming and Snow aren't having any better luck with Medusa. They're losing...and then Charming turns into stone. I was really hoping that Josh Dallas would reply to my tweet about how whether being turned into stone was like being frozen in Carbonate. As a fellow Harrsion Ford Fangirl I thought he would appreciate it, but it probably just got lost in all the tweets.

Anyways, so Regina and Emma aren't on the best terms because Emma is a bit jealous that Henry (Panry technically) asked to stay with Regina, and that's rubbing off the wrong way and a whole bunch of stuff. Either way, I have one comment: THE RED JACKET IS BACK! THANK THE MAKER! I absolutely can't wait to see the Yellow Bug's return soon!

Snow's still trying to fight off Medusa, and Regina finds her in the mirror side of the shield that Charming previously thew at the creature. Regina's pretty happy about the fact that Snow is destroying her own happiness. Snow proves that she's smart though, pulling off the outer parter of the shield and using it as a mirror to trap Medusa by making her look in her own eyes. Charming is freed from his stone prison, and all is well...kind of. Also, I love the Frederick reference! Good job OUAT writers!

Emma and the gang (ok, right now her parents) head to Rumple to get Pandora's box because they need to let Pan out to kill him. How will they do that? Take him across the town line and shoot him of course. Because that makes sense. Too bad Henry is in Pan's body. But it's all good, as much as everyone is telling Emma to shoot him, she's got this. She knows when a person is lying. So she tells him to say something only Henry would know. Emma asks him about the first time they connected, back at his castle in Season 1, when she told him about why she wanted to give him up. Emma has found Henry for reals. Yay! Hugs for Robbie Kay (that's Peter Pan for those of you who don't know)!

Oh wait...Panry is still out there. In Regina's Vault to be precise. And he's evil...putting a curse spell thing on Regina to make her fall asleep. This whole part was a great parallel to last week as well, considering it was in the same place as baby Henry in the last episode. Oh Panry you're so ruthless.

Ahh back to the Enchanted Forest and Snow and Charming's honeymoon...where Snow is all "I want to start a family," but she doesn't want to bring a child into a world where Regina is gonna constantly be a problem. But she was wrong, and she doesn't want to wait any more, because there's always going to be problems. She wants to make a good moment...just like Charming was suggesting about Emma and Neal earlier in the episode.

So now Emma and the Gang, everyone this time, is having a party in the graveyard (seriously...they had a Midnight Pizza Party while filming). Emma decides that her parents are wrong, about the whole good/bad moment thing. Her magic has a price...the price of being the savior is that she doesn't get a day off. Meanwhile Rumple gets the door open and they find Regina down because of Panry. Well that's just great. Rumple brings her back to the world from her little nap and all is...well, not so well. Except the real Henry (in Pan's body) is telling the truth about how he needs Regina still. Rumple, on the other hand, is finding what's missing: the curse.

Yes, THE curse. The one that took everyone from the Enchanted Forest and brought them to Storybrooke. Panry is intending to cast the curse a second time...and this time even Emma will be powerless. Everyone will forget who they are, time will stand still, and Panry will be in charge. Storybrooke will be The New Neverland.

And so that brings us to next week: the winter finale. Oh gosh, 11 weeks after this of no new Once? That's gonna be hard. Good thing it looks like we get a legitimate intense CaptainSwan moment next week. I mean, that shot of Hook and Emma was pretty interesting.......

I mean, I guess at least this week Hook was in it for more than a little line here and there. It's nice to have him around a bit more, with a couple of scenes that were specifically about him. Oh...and both of those scenes had to do with Emma. Just saying. Granted, I suppose all of Neal's scenes had to do with Emma too, but I'm just gonna hope that something changes next week (I seem to say this every week). CaptainSwan will happen eventually...just not today. Next Sunday I said...that might just change.

This week's OUAT Disneybound? Regina! Honestly her wardrobe, especially in season 1, is basically just business attire, which made it both easy and difficult all at the same time. Easy because, well, I was in FBLA for three years, so I certainly have some business attire. But it's colder here than in Storybrooke right now (no joke, it is...Steveston is warmer), and we have a couple inches of a skirt and heels wasn't exactly fun. But that's ok! Next week's is one I'm super excited about again! Hopefully I'll have everything to do it!

Here's today's Disney History: 1994: The Tomorrowland Terrace, a restaurant in Disney World's Tomorrowland, reopens as Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe.

Have a magical day!

A Note: Yes, I will be updating the past few days I have missed. It's finals week, so I'm pretty busy.