Monday, December 16, 2013

Day 350: Going Home

It is, again, Monday. And normally on Mondays I'm sitting in the music lobby at SNC rewatching the latest episode of Once Upon a Time. But I'm not sitting there right now, nor am I watching Once Upon a Time...nor is it actually Monday. Truthfully, it's actually Wednesday December 18th, not Monday the 16th...but I'm making up all these blog posts I missed, so that's why this is occurring.

But why, you ask, did I not do my weekly rewatch of OUAT? That is, generally, if you remember, the highlight of my Monday. Well, it finally occurred to Megan and I today that I have something very similar to Disney Depression. You remember, that thing that I get every time I come home from WDW...what we ALL get when we come home from WDW. Yeah, apparently it applies to more than just Disney World. Which scares me in itself. Nothing has ever meant enough to me that it rivals WDW like that...but I guess with the circumstances that I previously discussed a few days ago, it makes sense, right?

I mean, I have all the signs. I've been almost dreading writing this blog post because it means I'd have to rewatch the episode, but yet sometimes I just get to this point where I just suddenly HAVE to rewatch the Goodbye between Hook and Emma (I never said there wouldn't be spoilers you've been warned now). And then like right now as I write this a part of me is like "No Lizzie, you DO want to rewatch the episode." But I'll go to Hulu and look at it and am then just like "no, I can't" and close it again.

I want to simultaneously hear EVERYTHING about Once and the future of what's coming in March and NOTHING about Once. All at the same time. I want to see on set pictures, but then I'm like "No, stop with the feels." I spent a good hour yesterday making a real comparison between SwanFire and CaptainSwan (Sorry SF shippers, but I'm pretty sure CS is happening. Like legit). I can come up with theories about just about everything too. Like this: here's a link to my tumblr post and my theory on this purple cloud. 

Anyway, I am still having some intense feels from Sunday's episode. I mean, the following things just about killed me: 

And if those feels weren't enough, this happened before that last part. 

Now OBVIOUSLY she picks Hook, right? I mean...she just said good. And it was obvious that she wasn't even going to say goodbye to him because it HURT TOO MUCH. That's how Emma works. When there's danger of her getting hurt, she tends to shield herself, and saying goodbye to Hook was going to hurt her like crazy. I mean, she basically started crying when he said goodbye. And we can't at all forget the whole Snowing Parallel. Anyone remember back in Season one when Charming sent Snow the letter that was like "But I must let you know, not a day goes by that I have no thought of you." #BOOM. 

Anyways, my feels are just all over the place...and I need it to be March like right now, and don't even get me started on the fact that the Wicked Witch is coming and that Emma doesn't remember Hook (and don't worry that true love's kiss didn't work...there was a time it didn't work for Snow and Charming too...and Rumple and Belle as well). Oh yeah, Rumple. Gosh. Three people died in this episode and then Emma basically picked Hook and then she lost her memories and ahhh.

And now I'll just sit here for the next 81 days wishing that it was March 9. Sigh. 

And the Disneybound for this week, the last one for this half of the season, was a special one, because it technically wasn't a character like any of the others. I mean, if we refresh our memories on the first half of the season (as you can do right now below), I did Emma (Heart of the Truest Believer), Mary Margaret (Lost Girl), Charming (Quite a Common Fairy), Neal (Nasty Habits), Hook (Good Form), Belle (Ariel), Ruby (Dark Hallow), Tink (Think Lovely Thoughts), Henry (Save Henry) and finally, Regina (The New Neverland). They were all characters, so this week I decided that Magic would be a great option. I did this with a purple tank top, navy cardigan, jeans, my black boots (which show up in pretty much half of these), an infinity scarf that's black, blue and purple (kind of looks like a galaxy design) and then navy nail polish.

And don't worry. While I feel like this challenge may have only applied to the first half of the season, it's going to continue when we get to the second half. And I am VERY VERY excited about several of them come March. I'm already in the planning stages for the second half (and already have one Disneybound entirely finished). I can't wait to share them with you!

Then again, I'm pretty sure March 9 can't come soon enough for any of us. 

Here's today's Disney History: 1997: Ninety-eight year old Lillian Bounds Disney dies peacefully in her sleep at her home in West Los Angeles, after suffering a stroke the day before. Her husband Walt had died thirty-one years ago and a day in the early morning of December 15, 1966. 

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post, obviously, was written on December 18 due to finals.)