Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Day 344: Christmas Time is HERE!

It's finally December, and that means that Christmas time is upon us finally. It means Christmas music, and decorations and cookies and candy and happiness and plenty of Christmas spirit to go around. And that means that there should be some here on the blog too, right!?! I have to tell you right now that throughout the month there's going to be plenty of Christmas Specialty posts, just as I did a few for Halloween and so on and so forth. I mean, I just think there's just so much to talk about when it comes to Christmas time, especially when Disney is involved, so we better get started, right?

So here's a quick preview as to what's coming up later this month!

Days 353, 356 & 358: 

On all three of these days you'll get posts on Christmas movies that I watch. I'll try to make sure they all involve Disney, but you know that with me, everything relates to Disney. It should be fun though. Last year I actually set out on a challenge to watch all the movies on ABC Family's 25 days of Christmas, and I don't think I actually was able to do it, but it still brings the point across. There are so many great Christmas movies that I think it makes sense to touch on just a few.

Day 352: A Very Merry Youtube

Yes, I've done several Youtube Series posts, including one for Halloween. So it makes sense that we do one for Winter and Christmas too, right? Yeah, I think so. I mean, anything to get me to watch more Youtube videos is fine by me.

Day 355: A Few of My Favorite Things: Christmas Edition

It couldn't be a Christmas series of posts without a new addition to my series posts! There are so many Holiday events at Walt Disney World that it's hard to pick favorites, but this post will most certainly explore my personal favorites!

Day 357: My Disney Collection Volume 7

In this special Holiday Volume of my Disney Collection we're gonna take a look at the Disney that comes out just for the holidays! There's plenty of it between my bedroom and our Christmas Tree and the other decorations all around the house. And depending on what the weather does there might be a special visitor too!

So that's a quick look into what's coming up in December. I normally don't do posts like this just because I normally have no clue what I'm writing about, but it turns out that I have basically the entire rest of the year already outlined and ready to write out. It's kind of weird looking at how few days are left in 2013!

Here's today's Disney History: 2003: Walt Disney World begins placing motion-sickness bags in the capsules of their newest Epcot attraction, Mission: SPACE. It is the first time Disney has put motion-sickness bags on any of its thrill rides.

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on December 18 due to finals).