Sunday, December 1, 2013

Day 335: Ship Names

Sunday nights are filled with ships. Sadly I don't mean pirate ships, but that's close enough I suppose. No, I'm talking about ship names. In the realm of Once Upon a Time, there are tons of ships. You've got my favorite, CaptainSwan, which is Hook and Emma, and then there's Snowing (Snow and Charming), SwanFire (Neal and Emma), FrankenWolf (Whale and Ruby), Hooking (Hook & Charming Bromance), and the list just goes on and on.

But those weren't the ship names we were talking about tonight. Since it was really late and I was still up writing a paper, I was sitting in the hallway right outside our dorm room with my laptop. Meanwhile my best friend was in her dorm laying awake because she couldn't sleep. So what did we talk about (other than how much we are dreading finals week)? JavaSwan.

Yes, I said JavaSwan.

You see, this happened the other day:

For those that don't understand, Jennifer Morrison is terribly addicted to coffee (ok, not terribly...most of us here at college are too). Like I kid you not. She always has a coffee. 

Example A:

And so we decided that JavaSwan is our new favorite ship...although I also enjoy HookedFloor...

It makes sense, doesn't it? I mean, I can't even count the number of times that Hook ends up on the floor or knocked out. It happens like seriously all the time. 

Example A: 

And Example B: 

Yes, that's him on the ground. It's who Emma's looking at. Because she knocked him out...again. He's got problems. 

And still I'm not to the original point of this blog post. Anyways, so I'm sitting in the hallway and we're talking about these awesome ships and then my best friend is like what are our ship names? Turns out mine was figured out years ago, like back in Middle School. I faintly remember a conversation we had once about Lizney, which is Lizzie and Disney. Seems pretty obvious and honestly I think it's a great ship name. I'll take it because it's just awesome. 

I mean, I guess I'm not cool like JavaSwan (I don't get any coffee), but I do get Disney, and that is way way way better than the floor...even if that's where I seem to end up sitting a lot of time. 

So that's where all of that led...Lizney. Fair enough, right? This is what watching Once Upon a Time does to us. 

Here's today's Disney History: 1971: The Roy O. Disney, the 4th engine of the Walt Disney World Railroad - named in honor of Walt's brother and business partner, goes into service. Like the parks' 3 other engines (all in service since opening day - October 1, 1971), the Roy O. Disney was originally built by Baldwin Locomotive Works of Pennsylvania, but in 1916 - making it the oldest of all the WDW Engines. 

Have a magical day!