Friday, December 20, 2013

Day 354: Mr. Banks

So I finally saw Saving Mr. Banks (since I'm not actually writing this on December 20...but December 29...meaning that I had to wait a week to actually go see it), and I LOVED IT.

Honestly there's not much I can say about this movie other than praise it and praise it again. And maybe one or two more times. The movie was everything I expected and more, and is certainly a must see for everyone, especially if you love Disney. The pairing of the flashbacks and the creation of the film Mary Poppins was perfect, working together through story and song to connect the two storylines.

And I only cried 7 times.

Yes, 7 times. I knew walking into the theater that I was going to cry, since a bunch of my friends told me that they cried, and honestly I'm probably way more obsessed with Disney than they are, so I figured it was going to be interesting. I honestly can't remember the first time I cried either, but once we got to that point I was just about done for anyway. I mean, I even cried during the credits.

But by far my favorite portion of the film was the scene where Walt walked in late to find the Sherman Brothers still there, Bob asleep and Dick playing on the piano. He happened to be playing the song Feed the Birds, which was quite influential in the creation of Mary Poppins, and important to Walt himself. So seeing that scene, where Walt walked in and sat down and they sang Feed the Birds, it reminded me of the story I read in How to Be Like Walt, about how that was one of his favorite songs, and how once a week Walt would walk into Richard's office and tell him to play Feed the Birds, a tradition that goes on long after his death.

I guess, overall, I really felt that Walt would be proud of the film, because there were so many little things that really were nods to him (such as the map of Florida in his office near the end), and it really was like he was there. I think that's half the reason I cried so much (other than for the parts that made everyone cry).

And of course, watching Saving Mr. Banks gives you a new appreciation for the classic Mary Poppins, which means that it makes total sense that these two films were Jennifer Morrison movies of the week! And I did watch both, and both made me a very happy Lizzard. =)

Seriously though: go see Saving Mr. Banks. Now.

Here's today's Disney History: 1908: Actor/singer Dennis Morgan, who in 1958 hosted Disneyland's very first evening Candlelight Processional Parade, is born in Prentice, Wisconsin. In 1961, he was the very first celebrity to narrate Disneyland's new Candlelight Processional event in Town Square. He continued Disneyland's holiday tradition through 1964, and then again in 1966.

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on December 29 due to time restrictions).