Monday, December 23, 2013

Day 357: My Disney Collection V7

It's kind of strange to write two of these Disney Collection posts on the same day, but that's what I'm currently doing. Because I got really really behind this month (between Finals and coming home and my being busy here at home it just got really interesting), it meant that I had two of these to finish up, but I guess it all works out at the same time because then I just took pictures for both at the same time and it all worked out.

But unlike the previous 6 volumes of this series, this one is holiday specific, hence the reason why this post is here at all! It seems that at Christmas time there is more Disney around my house than ever, probably because a bunch of our ornaments are Disney and then Mickey dressed as Santa Clause makes an appearance all over the house as well!

Speaking of Mickey Dressed as Santa Clause, here's one for you to start things off! On the top of our Christmas Tree in our living room, Mickey stands proudly. No angel or star here, just Mickey Mouse. He's been at the top as long as I can possibly remember, like since I was a little kid. And normally at the bottom of the tree is our monorail, but because everything was so busy this year, it never actually made it up (quite sad if you ask me). We've got a little Spaceship Earth, Grand Floridian, Contemporary and Poly for under the tree too, meaning that it's a pretty adorable little "train." 

And our tree, as I said, has a lot of Disney Ornaments. I could have put all four of these on here, but honestly I don't remember where the other two are and wasn't in the mood to try and find them when I was taking pictures. But these two are part of a set of four, meaning that there's one for each of the four Disney World Parks. I mean, I had to include the Spaceship Earth though. I just had to. 

This one isn't specifically Disney, but I named it Emma. Get it? Emma the Swan. Yep, you get it. 

And here's another one, although there are tons and tons of various Disney Ornaments all over the tree (but I have to save some for next year, don't I?). I think I have another one of these just like this for sure, but there are tons of little ornaments!

Of course, no Disney Christmas house would be right without a set of Mickey Mouse Christmas Lights...and yes, we have those too. These are on the garland in our living room though, not our actual Christmas tree. And I tell you, getting a picture of these was pretty interesting. 

A few years ago I saw these and just had to have them. I love these Mickey and Minnie Snowmen, because I mean, they're just seriously adorable, aren't they? They sit on our mantel above our fireplace and are just totally adorable all the time. Meaning that they just had to be on this blog post. 

And then we have this little collection of Christmas houses and such. They light up, and part of it we got as gifts, but they're all adorable. And Dad felt pretty proud when he put the picture of our Quarry behind the ice skaters so it looked like they were actually skating outside. I just love them cause these houses are cute. 

And finally, in our kitchen, we have this little Mickey Mouse...again in a Santa costume to round this volume of my Disney Collection out. I didn't plug it in and turn it on, but when it is all running, the lamp post lights up and Mickey's arms move. 

There's plenty of Disney all around my house, of course, especially at Christmas, but I figure that I'll end up showing you more next Christmas, so I'd have to save some for then, right? Plus, not everything was all out, so that means that there's some Disney Christmas still packed away in storage. Next time we'll look at something, although like I said last time, I honestly have no clue what that something is. We'll call it a surprise. =)

Here's today's Disney History: 1998: La Nouba, the Cirque du Soleil show, opens at Downtown Disney, Florida. With an international and diverse cast of 65 talented performers, the show features funambulists, dancers, tumblers, trapeze performers, a juggler, clowns, actors, acro-gymnasts, cyclists, musicians, vocalists, skippers and circus artists. La Nouba, which comes from the French phrases "faire la nouba," and means to live it up, has been created exclusively for Walt Disney World. 

Have a magical day!