Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Day 351: For the Record

Sometimes my dad goes into our basement...and sometimes when he does this he finds some sort of random Disney stuff that we didn't really realize was there all this time. This exact scenario happened yesterday...and now I'm sitting in my living room listening to "The Computer Song"...on record.

Yes, I said record. You see, dad has a fair record collection, and we have a record player that kind of sort of works. So last night, as I was watching How I Met Your Mother, my brother pops into my bedroom to tell me that they found something in the basement. A record...from 1983...for Epcot Center. Yeah, I was excited.

I take pride in having basically every Disney Parks soundtrack (or most of them). I previously thought the oldest one we owned was from 1988, which was the Disneyland and Walt Disney World joint CD that has much of the best old Epcot music...most of which can also be found on this record. But I was, obviously, wrong. I mean...now I'm listening to the Entrance music of Epcot. Which in case you were wondering, sounds like this:

But along with the Epcot Record, Dad has a selection of other records that should at least get a mention here on my blog, because this yet another instance of how Disney appears in my everyday life, even if in the most random of places.

I'd also like to share how amazing I find it that Golden Dream, the theme song of The American Adventure, has been basically the same since it's opening (and since this 1983 record). Pretty much everything else on the record has changed (ok, Canada You're a Lifetime Journey is the same almost), but not Golden Dream, other than for the little changes and rerecording done a few years ago. It's still the same song I listened to as a kid otherwise!

Here's today's Disney History: 1999: Disney's animated feature film Fantasia 2000 debuts at Carnegie Hall in New York City.

Have a magical day!