Thursday, December 12, 2013

Day 346: Coming Home

Now, this blog post is not to be confused with the final episode in this half of the third season of Once, which is Going Home. Why? Because the last I checked Hook wasn't standing on my doorstep (although that'd be wonderful). No, you see, I'm finally home from college. And it's a bit weird to be writing this legit almost a week after I originally came home, but still. It needs to be blogged about.

It turns out, moving in and out of a dorm room is kind of interesting. In fact, it kind of reminds me of packing for a vacation, only this time you really ARE taking everything. I mean, when I pack for Florida, I have a system. I use the same system every time I pack and it always works out great for me because I have everything I need and it all just works out great. But I also always use the same suitcase, and that is a suitcase that I didn't have at college. Instead I had a whole bunch of boxes, and I had to somehow get all my stuff from college back home. It was interesting.

But along with getting stuff home, it then occurred to me that all my stuff that was at college needs a place to go here at home. I mean, for the most part I don't have a TON of stuff here at home, mostly just like my collections of Disney stuff and the random crap that was still here from before I moved to college. In my dorm room, we generally keep things pretty clean, and it always bothers me when things are messy. Well, my bedroom here at home is a mess, and it's bothering me.

So now, once I finish updating this blog, I'm going to go continue to clean things out and put everything back in it's place. How exactly does this all relate to Disney? Well, honestly there's only one way to clean a room. I think this should get the point across: (also excuse the bad quality video...I just listen to the music anyways haha).

I mean, if you have to do a bunch of working, especially cleaning, you might as well sing a happy working song while you do it. I have no clue what working song I'll be singing today, or any other time I'm working over this wonderful month break from college, but you can bet that I'll be thinking about it all the time. I could listen to this song, or to Frozen, or to Charley's Girl for the 80 millionth time or some other song that I obsess over. Who knows. 

I also think more Storybrooke Hot Cocoa is in order. 

Here's today's Disney History: 2000: The Disneyland Pacific Hotel re-opens as Disney's Paradise Pier Hotel. The 502-room hotel has been brightly painted and decorated to reflect the new beachfront theme, and offers hotel guests a private entrance into Paradise Pier and the rest of the new Disney's California Adventure Theme Park.

Have a magical day!