Monday, December 2, 2013

Day 336: Save Henry


Yes, it's once again a Monday, and you all know what that means (honestly if you don't then you need to pay more attention to this blog...or my twitter...or facebook...or anything honestly, unless you're just getting here, then I guess you can be excused).

So, two weeks ago we ended with a bit of a problem...Henry's dead. I guess that's probably not good considering they all came to Neverland and almost died multiple times now to save him. But considering the title of tonight's episode, I think we all kind of predicted what will be happening. Anyway, if you haven't seen this episode yet, here's your warning!


This week's episode starts out with a flashback to, sort of, Season 1. It seems to me that we come back to the wedding of Snow and Charming and that fateful day all the well as the birth of Emma, which is where we are now. Regina is hanging with Rumple in his little underground cave, where she gloats and he warns her about her new problem that she'll eventually have based on the hole in her heart from killing her father, Henry.

Oh, and Rumple sings a song. That was pretty entertaining if I do say so myself.

So then we go back to Neverland, where Pan is doing his little creepy flying thing and the parents are trying to figure out if Henry is dead. Emma tries to stab Pan, but we all know he can go from one place to another with just a thought, so that doesn't seem to work. She eventually nicks him though, causing Regina to figure out that "If we can hurt him we can kill him." Ok then.

11 years previous, Archie and Regina are having a chat about how angry Regina has been lately, and Archie figures that it's because she has no one to share her life with. I'm pretty sure he's right because she lives in a giant house all by herself and has done so for 11 years. Plus, when Owen came last season she was kind of weird around him. So what does Regina do? Goes to Gold, of course! Who else would you go to to get your a baby?

Regina seems a bit unsure about whether or not she can be a mother, and Rumple kind of goes into that too, mentioning that you must put your child first. Flash forward to Regina putting a preservation spell on the now dead Henry. Regina is all "My son!" and Emma is all "Our Son!" and then Regina kind of freaks out and is like "You have everything! I only have Henry!" so Emma puts her in charge. Although I have to say, I really enjoyed the part where Regina was like "The pirate who pines for you!" Bahaha, made me laugh.

So they take dead Henry and head to Pan's camp, where Hook and Tink have all the Lost Boys tied up to trees and stumps and such. Makes it easy for them I suppose. Regina feels like threatening them, but Emma stops her and decides they need to appeal more to the side of the lost children who want a mother. I guess Emma would know something about that, being thrown in the wardrobe and everything. They try this approach, and it works, except for Felix, but it's ok, Hook's keeping him in line.

Head back 11 years ago, where Rumple has found Regina a baby for adoption in Boston. So Regina heads to Boston and we finally, FINALLY, meet Baby Henry! I don't know about you guys, but I don't think I've ever gone "Awww" so many times in one episode of Once Upon a Time. I mean Baby Henry is ADORABLE! I actually heard a rumor about him too, that Baby Henry is actually Colin's son, Evan, but I haven't heard for sure either way. She takes him back to Storybrooke and we find out that Regina is actually a pretty terrible mother, as Henry just will not stop crying. So she takes him to Doctor Whale, who is all "if you want me to run tests on your new baby you have to contact the birth mother." UH OH! Also, Mary Margaret is a great mom apparently!

Regina contacts Sydney (who I'm happy to see back, even if only via phone!), and he finds out that Henry's mom's name is Emma...who also happens to have been found in the forest outside Storybrooke 18 years ago. Even bigger UH OH! Regina's mad and confronts Gold, who is all "What?" because he doesn't know and Regina storms out with Henry.

Back in Neverland, everyone's split up again, because that works. Regina, Emma and Mary Margaret head to find Pan at his tree, but IT'S A TRAP! Like seriously, it's bad news. They find out about how Pan is Rumple's father and then Emma is like "My family just got more messed up." Ok, she didn't say it, but she was totally thinking it. Turns out the tree is based on regrets, and Regina doesn't have any of that, so they get free, Regina grabs Pan's (I mean Henry's) heart and the box with Rumple and they head back to the Jolly!

So they put Henry's heart in Henry, and he wakes up and all is well and Hook is all adorable (honestly I felt like in that moment when he was like "Only the best for our guest of honor, Captain's Quarters," it showcased just how much Hook actually does care. He would probably offer the quarters either way, but there's just this sincerity in his voice that makes it wonderful!) and all seems to be well.

Previously, as in 11 years ago, Regina brings Henry into the crypt and makes herself a potion and drinks it so she can forget all about how Emma is Henry's birth mother. She also tells an adorable story, and I think this part really does show how much Regina loves him. That's what this episode is about, after all, how much Regina loves Henry. It's all about Henry!

So we go to the Captain's Quarters with Regina and Henry, and I have to say that Hook has some serious decorating skills. I love the pillows on his bed. Like...a lot. It looks super comfy! Regina puts a spell on Henry so no one can steal his heart ever again...because that's not foreshadowing. Yeah, a minute later guess who shows up, Pan.

Meanwhile Neal and Rumple have a moment up on deck. Cute, but Hook has no one, so less cute. Anyway, down below Pan is trying to steal Pan's shadow but that fails and then some other weird stuff happens and Rumple traps Pan in the box. They make it so the shadow is attached to the sails of the Jolly and it flies again! Oh...and Hook says something: "As You Wish, Milady." AHHHH!

Wendy gives Tink some Pixie Dust, Neal and Henry have a talk up on the deck, Regina and Tink have a chat as well, and Tink makes the dust glow cause she believes in herself. So then Henry brings Felix some food, but Felix is angry. But Peter Pan never fails...wait, what? What did Henry just say? Oh darn! PETER PAN IS IN HENRY! HENRY IS IN PETER PAN! THEY'VE SWITCHED BODIES!

Now, let's play! Oh...and here's one more picture of Baby Henry, in case you didn't have enough before!

In honor of tonight's episode, I'm sure you could guess who my Disneybound would be. I was actually quite excited about this one, and have been for weeks now. My Henry outfit was pretty legit, I mean, I had the black peacoat, the grey shoes (basically the same ones he wears at one point), jeans, a plaid shirt and a Henry scarf that my mom made me specifically for this outfit (and that I will now wear every so often in rotation with my other winter scarves. 


Here's today's Disney History: 1984: Twenty-year-old Margarita Granados gives birth to a baby girl at Disneyland! Nine months pregnant, she gives birth while waiting for her husband Juan...who is riding Space Mountain. It is only the second birth in Disneyland history. 

Have a magical day!