Friday, December 13, 2013

Day 347: Hot Chocolate

Now, just as several of these other posts, today is actually December 18, meaning that, as of right now, we have already seen the Winter Finale of Once Upon a Time. Yes, all that stuff went down, and I am in the middle of a Once Depression. But that's something explained in Day 350's post, Going Home.

Anyways, the ways I'm coping with this hiatus are as follows, and some of it probably wasn't necessarily my best idea. Ok, so it was a great idea. Because, well this:

And yes, I WAS literally 100% totally right. 

And then there's the fact that every morning that I'm home this is gonna be my life. Breakfast complete with Storybrooke Hot Cocoa. I mean, Emma and Henry drink it for Breakfast, so why can't I?

And of course while making that Storybrooke Hot Cocoa there's only one song that I could be listening to. It's the song that I'll be waking up to for the next 80 some days...Charley's Girl. It's the song playing during the scene at the end of Going Home, right before Hook shows up at their doorstep (HE ALWAYS FINDS HER! Sorry...). 

Yeah, the next 81 days are gonna be hard (81 from December 18 haha), but I think that we'll get through it. I mean, Hook waited a YEAR to see Emma again. I think we can wait three months for the next episode, right? Someone remind me that I said this in like two weeks when I'm going absolutely insane, ok? Good thing I'll have Shovell and thoughts of Hook and Puppies to keep me somewhat sane. 

Here's today's Disney History: 1925: Emmy Award-winning actor Dick Van Dyke, best known to Disney fans as Bert the Cockney chimney sweep in the 1964 musical feature Mary Poppins, is born in West Plains Missouri. Van Dyke received a Grammy Award in 1964, along with Julie Andrews, for his performance on the soundtrack to Mary Poppins. 

Have a magical day!