Thursday, December 26, 2013

Day 360: What Now...Again?

Well, with Christmas Over, and because it's almost the end of the year, really what even is there to talk about? I mean, right now, being home from college, my life is pretty boring. It's made up mostly of watching TV and movies on Netflix, and aside from that I have a few jobs here and there that need to get done.

I'll talk in the next post about what I got for Christmas, although honestly not a lot of it is actually anything specifically Disney. Most of it is other stuff, but if I go into it now then what's the point of having a separate post?

When it comes to Disney Vacations, I won't have another one for months, although my parents will be leaving on one this January, which means it's only about two weeks until they're at Disney World.

Once Upon a Time is off air until March 9, 2014, meaning that Sundays are still no longer a thing. In their place we have a day called Nonday, which stands for Non-Once Day. The next scheduled Sunday is, indeed March 9...much too long away from my liking.

It's not like there are any new Disney movies...since I've already seen the ones that are out. Saving Mr. Banks and Frozen are both wonderful movies...and I'll gladly go see them again...but I can't blog about them again.

I suppose I can write about the books I'll read over this break, or about references to Disney I find while watching Netflix, and of course the normal, everyday things that I do (plus there's plenty of posts planned for the new year!), but right now things just seem really...boring.

Maybe I'll just read my Disney guides...even though I already know it all. Ok, maybe not all of it...but in the same case, maybe I WILL learn something new. That's always a fun time!

Here's today's Disney History: 1939: Disney staff begins to move from the old studio at Hyperion Avenue in Silver Lake to the new one in Burbank. The success of the 1937 Snow White has allowed Disney to build the new modern campus on some 51 acres of land. It is designed around the animation process, with the large animation building in the center of the campus, and adjacent buildings for the story department, the music department, the ink-and-paint departments and the other various functions of the studio.

Have a magical day!