Friday, August 2, 2013

Day 214: A Disney Rap

You know that weird feeling you get sometimes when you just really want to go to Disney World? No, not the one where you just lay in your bed and cry yourself to sleep, and not the one where you're leaving in a few days and you're just so excited about the entire thing that you can't stand it. Nope, it's not either of those. I'm talking about the feeling you get where you just all of a sudden want to sing a song about how much you want to go to Disney.

Oh, you don't get that feeling? Well....then...just pretend you do.

I had that feeling tonight, when my friend and I were discussing how much we wanted to go to Disney. We were talking via computer message, so it wasn't like we could see each other or hear each other, but all of a sudden she was typing like she was singing and went all Little Mermaid on me going "Sing with me now!" Yeah, I didn't sing. Instead, I began to rap.

I figured I would share it here, since it seems like a legitimate place to share it. We modified it a little so it was made to convince our Band Director to stay on Disney Property if and when the band goes to Disney next summer, so that explains some of the stuff. Well, without anything else, here's the rap:

I wanna go to Disney, yeah I really wanna go.
If only you'd just let me, I'd be out'a here with dough.
And then I'd get right down there, and stay on property,
Sayin' party down at Disney now come on and join me! 
I'd take a ride to Epcot, there's so much to see.
With Spaceship Earth and Soarin', it's enough to make me scream.
All the countries in the world, there together as one.
We just wish we'd stay on property 'cause we'd have so much more fun. 
And over there in MK, there's magic to be seen.
Brer Rabbit and his gang bouncin' round like jumpin' beans.
Triple 9 ghosts scarin' everyone all day,
Yellin' join us here at Disney, never ever ever stray.  
Take a trip to Hollywood, Hang out with all the stars.
Face off snakes with Indy Jones and see some fancy cars.
Finish off with fireworks and a really giant dragon,
But if you don't stay on property, you'll end up in some old wagon.  
There's Lions, Tigers and Bears, Oh my.
Animal Kingdom roars, and yet you ask "why?"
There's dinosaurs and musicals and a mountain with a yeti,
Better stay on property so he won't shred you to spaghetti.  
And if you stay with All Stars, you'll get to see much more,
with extra magic hours, you'll never be bored.
Stain' with Disney is the best thing you can do.
Makin' your trip memorable, won't wanna say adieu.  
Wicka Wicka Wicka WALT DISNEY WORLD!

Yeah...we had a lot of time. But I think it's cute, and maybe someday we'll make a YouTube video for it. Remember though, I said MAYBE!

Here's today's Disney History: 2001: Julie Andrews, Dick Van Dyke, songwriter Richard Sherman, and the Disneyland Band rededicate Disney's Soundstage 2 in Burbank, California, to the Julie Andrews Stage. Andrews filmed Disney's Mary Poppins and recently The Princess Diaries at this famous location. The Princess Diaries will be released the following day.

Have a magical day!