Friday, August 23, 2013

Day 235: A Room in a Dorm

College is a wonderful thing, and honestly one of my favorite things was having the ability to design and create stuff for my dorm room. Yes, I know. It won't be as glorious later on as getting to set up your desk and everything, but I'm still excited about it, and there's so many Disney things in my room that I HAVE to make a blog post about it too!

Sadly I was silly and didn't take a picture of the entire room (I'll have to get on that), but here's some of the Disney inspired pieces of the room. Nothing really jumps out to you as Disney other than the Vinylmation and my Han Solo in Carbonate Bank, but you'll see those below.

So here's a full picture of my desk, which is basically where I spend most of my time, and it's where most of my Disney stuff is. You can see that most of my desk is taken up by my printer, but I don't really mind. I shouldn't be doing all my homework at my desk anyway. I actually plan to do it in the library. Still, I love my desk. In the back there (or middle of the picture) you can see the shelf my dad and brother custom made for me. Luckily everything JUST fits on my desk, so I'm pretty happy about that.

 Now, down below you'll see numerous things. On the left I have a letter L, which represents Lizzie, obviously, and it's covered with an Epcot Park map. It's something I saw, again, on Pinterest. It was pretty easy to make. I just spray painted the outside and then modge podged the map on. Next to that I have my vinylmation collection. The shelf was actually specifically designed to fit these five little characters. It might get complicated trying to choose which one I want next year when I have a new one though...

 Down below you can see one of my park map coasters. This one, specifically, is Epcot, and it's the one that sits on my desk. I think I have Hollywood Studios out up on my bunk shelf and Magic Kingdom on the counter, but I'm not positive on that one. And next to that is the picture frame I made that somewhat matches my best friends. Speaking of that, this blog reminds me I must send a picture of that frame to someone!

There you can see my Han Solo in Carbonate Bank, which does, indeed, have some change in it. I forgot to empty my wallet before I came so I just threw it in there. And then I have a whole bunch of Disney themed magnets...including the Attraction Poster ones I bought in Florida. I have the It's a Small World one as well, along with the A-E Ticket Magnets. 

And finally, moving away from my desk, you can see a view of my bunk, which has a bunch of bullatin boards alongside it with a ton of pictures. Those are the instagram photostrips I made. It honestly looks really awesome. And then our room is basically lined with lights. Finally there's the supercalifragilisticexpialidocious pillow I got in Florida, which fits in perfectly with our futon!

Like I said, I'll have to try and remember to take a picture of the whole dorm room sometime, but this is what the Disney stuff all looks like and how I tied it in with the room. Like I said, it doesn't scream Disney at all. It's just little hints of it here and there. I love it! 

Here's today's Disney History: 1989: In Florida, the Ewok Village opens at the entrance to the Star Tours attraction at the Disney-MGM Studios Theme Park. 

Have a magical day!