Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Day 219:Toy Story

You know what's one of the greatest movies like, ever? Toy Story. I absolutely love Toy Story! And Toy Story 2, and 3 too! They're all great. It's probably partly because I really did grow up with Toy Story, and I watched it all the time, and now as I watch Toy Story Three it's just really sad because that's where I am headed

Unlike Andy, I don't have a Sheriff Woody to take with me. In fact, I don't have a ton of stuff like that that I'm going to be taking at all. But in a few weeks you'll see all the stuff that I did get to put in my college dorm room, much of which will have little hints of Disney to it. Not so much that it will annoy my roommate, but just enough for me to stay happy, and I'm really excited about it too!

But how do you choose which of your childhood things you're going to take with you to college and what you're going to leave behind? When is the right time to let some of it go? I guess I'll never be able to get rid of the bear that I had as a kid, although looking at it as an adult now he kind of reminds me a little of Kermit the Frog. At least that's how he kind of looks. His head anyway. And I'm always going to keep my pillow and blanket that I've been using for my entire life, but there are so many  things that are in my room that won't be coming with me to college.

I mean, for instance, I've got my entire Spaceship Earth collection that won't be coming with me. And there's all the Star Wars things that will stay at home. Even my Star Wars and Indy Mickey Mouse's will be staying safely on their shelves at home. The Empire Strikes Back Poster will stay, and so will all my Disney prints by Larry Dotson. In fact, there isn't a lot of stuff that is mine that will be coming with me. Of course, you'll see everything that I AM bringing with me when I do a post on my dorm room once it's all finished.

So how do you choose? I guess I chose based on what space I had and where I felt I could fit something in. My dad and brother and custom making me a shelf for my desk just so I can bring a few of the things with me, but other than that I don't have a ton of space for much other than pictures. Then again, how Andy left without Woody I'll never know. That has GOT to be the saddest thing ever. Unless you're counting the beginning of UP.

Here's today's Disney History: 1964: The Astro Jets at Disneyland become known as the Tomorrowland Jets. Opened since 1956, the Astro Jets was the first rocket-spinner attraction at the park. Supposedly the attraction's name has been changed to appease United Airlines, who has just taken over sponsorship of the Enchanted Tiki Room. Seems United contended the Astro Jets name the free advertising for American Airline's coast-to-coast "astrojet" service.

Have a magical day!