Thursday, August 15, 2013

Day 227: Witness

You know what's almost better than Star Wars? Ok, not much, other than Witness! Yes, I finally got around to watching what is now my new favorite Non-Star Wars or Indy Harrison Ford movie! I know many of the movies he's in, and while sometimes I just pick one up at the store because it's cheap and has his face on it, this time it was literally because I had actually heard that Witness holds one of his greatest performances, and they sure weren't lying!

HF is brilliant as John Book, a police officer caught up in a murder witnessed by a small Amish boy. He ends up getting shot (HF), and has to stay with the Amish while he recovers, using the place as a hideout to protect himself and the boy. Throughout the movie, he slowly forms a relationship with the boy's mother, Rachel, and that's what leads us into the following...

First off, Harrison Ford and kittens. Just picture that for a moment. Sounds like the most adorable thing ever, right? And it is, for like a minute until you get to the next scene where he's trying to repair his car in the barn and manages to get only the radio fixed. So on comes "Wonderful World" by Sam Cooke and then he smiles that smile and sings and they dance and you, the average person watching, go "awwww". Unless you're a HF fan, then you flail around uncontrollably like you're having a seizure until 1). The scene ends, b). You somehow find a way to control yourself or c). You break an arm. Luckily I did not experience the third option.

And so, that brings me to tonight's topic:

If you follow my Disney truths board, you'll have seen this one a while back, because it's one of the truest things ever. Now, I guess if my future boyfriend/fiance/husband is somehow reading this, I have a few comments for you. 

First off, going back to Witness, if you have the incredible idea (hint hint) to set up a date like barn dance in Witness, then I'll most likely love you forever. Like pull your car into a barn with the hay and stuff and then turn on Wonderful World, but kind of act it out and then we can dance and laugh and you can sing. And it will all be adorable. I mean, if you are a HF and have not seen that scene, (just ignore the Spanish subtitles). 

You flailed around, didn't you? Admit it, you at least went "AWWWWWW!!!!!!"

Anyway, here's another tip, and this goes along with the picture above. If you don't propose to me at Disney, I don't know if I'll for sure say no or yes, but if it isn't at Disney, it had better be really special. And it should probably involve something Disney. But if we do go to Disney and you propose there, remember to not do it in a way that I'll be able to guess right away. Like no in front of Cinderella Castle. Too overdone if you ask me. Be creative with it. Like, really, REALLY creative!

And there's my advice for my future spouse. Now, if you are my future spouse and you didn't do any of that, I probably love you anyway...but still, think about it! 

Here's today's Disney History: 1994: As part of the re-Imagineering of Future World's pavilions, the Spaceship Earth attraction at Disney's Epcot park closes. The revamped attraction will open November 23, 1994 with 12 new scenes and a new musical score. 

Have a magical day!