Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Day 225: LillyBelle

Today is a special day in my house. No, my birthday is past, and it isn't time for me to move in yet, and it isn't a holiday. No, instead it's my cats birthday! So I've been waiting the entire year for this post, because I figured that the best day to talk about my kitten would be on her birthday, which just happens to be all the way in August.

So here she is! This picture was taken as close to her birthday as possible, so it's basically what she looks like now.

Her full name is LillyBelle Marie, and I'll be telling you multiple things about how she got that name. First we'll start on the reasons she got her name initially. First, when she was born, her name was just Lilly, and I named her that because the Lilies were blooming in our backyard. Then we added the "Belle" part later because that was my name in French Class and she wears a little bell on her collar. The Marie was added as her middle name after she had kittens, one of which is named Marie. But that's the name because that was my best friend's name in French and her favorite Disney character, Marie from the Aristocats. 

But, those of you who are Disney fans (which I'm sure many of you are), will probably pick up on the Disney references too. I assure you, as much as I love Disney, this was not intentional. In fact I didn't realize half of it until just a couple of months ago. Disneyland fans may recognize her first name as also the name of the Caboose on the Disneyland Railroad, the LillyBelle, named after Walt Disney's Wife, Lillian. But here's the funny part. Lillian Disney's middle name was Marie. Like I said, totally unintentional, but super awesome! 

Lilly's turning four today, but she actually wasn't a member of our household until she was around 8 months old, if I remember correctly, which I probably don't. That was so long ago! You see, she was born the August before my Freshman year, and just a couple of days before school started I got a back injury that pretty much prevented me from moving. As a surprise to try and make me feel better, my mom and brother brought two of the newest kittens in to visit, one of which was Lilly. After that, when she was a little older, she would come in on Sunday afternoons and take a nap on me while I watched the afternoon movie on TV. And then on Christmas morning she came in. It didn't take long after that for me to convince my parents to let us keep her in the house full time. 

Now, Lilly is a fan of her three favorite toys, Mr. Squirrel and Mr. Chicken, the first of which I got in Colorado for her first birthday and the second of which is the same toy with just a different animal that I got her for this last Christmas. And then there's her brand new toy she got for her birthday today, Mr. Turtle. She loves that turtle. Other than her toys, she LOVES tuna. Like no joke. It's her favorite food. And she still loves to watch movies with me, especially Star Wars. Although whenever the part where Han gets tortured in Episode 5 comes on, she either won't watch or leaves the room. She hates that part. 

I sure am going to miss her a lot when I go to college (I mean it's hard to leave her even when I leave for 10 days for Disney...and now I have to leave like an entire month). But that's my adorable little kitten, and as much of a dog person I am, I wouldn't trade her for anything else. Then again, she is basically a dog in a cat's body...LOL. 

Here's today's Disney History: 1942: Disney's 5th full length animated feature Bambi has its U.S. Premiere at the Radio City Music Hall in New York City. 

Have a magical day!