Monday, August 5, 2013

Day 217: Birthday Parties

Now, if you've been following my blog or know me (this seems to be a thing I say a lot), you'll already know that I spent my birthday at Walt Disney World. It's like a birthday party in itself. Sort of. Not really unless you really like spending your birthday either by yourself or with your family...or hundreds of people you don't know. But you do get to wear a special birthday button!

That's beside the point though. You see, one of my good friends had her birthday party today (and tomorrow technically, but I'm just talking about today). No, it wasn't at Disney, but that doesn't mean that it wasn't awesome, and there's plenty of little Disney references here and there too!

The party started out with lots and lots of food. You see, the idea of the party was to take ideas for things off of Pinterest and try them. On the top left you see Butterfinger puppy chow, definitely a Pinterest success. Next to it is just a picture of the napkins that she had, which I really liked and decided to include in this post. Then below you have like peanut butter ice cream sandwiches or something...only it's not really ice cream. It's more of a whipped kind of thing. Also a Pinterest win. And then we come to our Pinterest fail...Nutella Popsicles. I'm not sure what it was that we did wrong but they just did not work at all.  And we finished the beginning of the party off with Star Wars, Haunted Mansion LIFE and a legit picnic! 

We weren't done yet though! Next we tried M&M painting and honestly, it actually worked! Of course, I'm super excited for the D23 Expo that's coming up, so that's what I made with my painting. All you have to do for this one is take M&M's, sort them by color and add water. That's seriously it. Really easy, and a Pinterest win again!

You can't have a birthday party without cake either, and we made sure to have that! Trying yet another idea found on Pinterest, my friend printed out the numbers of how old she's turning, so 16, cut them out and put them on the cake before sprinkling the rest. At the end you take it off. Easy, although the paper kind of stuck to the frosting at first so we had to do s bit of surgery there. 

For dinner we tried a recipe we found on Pinterest: Lasagna Roll Ups. Now, we all know I'm lactose intolerant, so I couldn't really eat a ton of it, but it was DELICIOUS! Like seriously good. And not too difficult to make either. Granted, the tomato sauce all over my hands that got in my hangnails and burned like crazy when I was rolling the stuff didn't feel to great, but that was the only downside to the entire thing!

Of course, I was the "photographer" for all of this, so we took a lot of pictures. Here though is when we decided to actually try taking some legitimate pictures. Like my friend's mom bought the photobooth things, which are really awesome, and we used those for a while (like in the top left...I adore that picture). But then we decided to try something else we saw on Pinterest. Can you guess what it is? 

Hint hint: Think Darth Vader. 

Yeah, we tried Vadering, and honestly it kind of worked. It's a bit hard for the person actually taking the picture to get it where the person jumping isn't blurry, but I managed to do it for these couple of pictures that actually turned out pretty nice. =)

Finally, we finished the day with a swat at Fly Swatter Painting (which is really awesome! You should try it sometime!) And then we had light up balloons. You know, I shot those pictures in total darkness too, just with the high ISO. I'm pretty happy with them quite honestly. Although those balloons are like brighter than the average nightline so...yeah. 

I do hope my friend had a wonderful birthday party! Not that it's technically over, but still! I know I had a great time!

Here's today's Disney History: 1981: At Walt Disney World, site work begins on Horizons, an attraction in the not yet open Epcot Center. Actual construction on Horizon's building won't begin until January 1982, and both the attraction and Epcot will open the following October. 

Have a magical day!