Friday, August 16, 2013

Day 228: My Disney Collection V4

I hope that by now you understand how this works. But if you don't, here's the rundown. I write a blog called Everyday Disney, and I try to write everyday. If I can't write I go back and make it up, but in reality I have one blog post for every day of the year. Either way, I have several series of posts going on, one about my favorite Youtube Videos, one on my favorite Disney things and then this one. The My Disney Collection Series now has four parts, and if you haven't seen the others or want a refresher, here's the previous ones! (V1 V2 V3). Just click one of the three links right there.

THIS Volume of the My Disney Collection Series focuses around one of the most important parts of my collection, my Spaceship Earth collection! Now, everyone seems to collect something. Some people collection rocks, other stamps, or coins or some other random thing that isn't stereotypical. I collect many things, including Snow Globes, and as you will see next time, Limited Edition Disney Pins. But there is one collection that I love more than anything else, and that's this one. So let's get started!

The first piece of my Spaceship Earth Collection is my favorite piece of it. My Spaceship Earth Snowglobe! As I said, I also collect SnowGlobes, so that makes this my favorite in that collection too. It isn't real big, but I remember getting it at the store outside of Epcot. Like the one by Guest Relations outside the park. I honestly don't know if it's still there. Either way, I saw it on the shelf and was like "nah" and then I ended up later going back to get it because I didn't see it anywhere else. I'm glad I did too because I haven't seen it since.

Next up is one of the favorites of a few of my friends. It's a Spaceship Earth Wind-up toy! I honestly have no clue where or when I got it, but I have it, and it's a part of my collection. I don't even understand the logic behind the fact that it's Spaceship Earth moving around as a little toy. Spaceship Earth doesn't move! LOL, I don't know, but it's cute, and it does still work! 

Next is the newest of the items I guess you could say. Well, sort of. The strictly Spaceship Earth items. It's my Spaceship Earth Baseball. I got it in November of 2012, but I had seen it the year before when I visited in June of 2011. Basically I was like "Nah" and then I ended up getting it anyway because, well, I have a Spaceship Earth Collection!

Still going with the Spaceship Earth stuff (yes, I have a lot of it), I have another one of my favorite pieces! My limited edition 300 Spaceship Earth iPhone Case. It's another one of those things put out for the 30th anniversary and this was the one thing that I labeled as a must have for myself. I figured I would never get my hands on one, but I did eventually find one through Ebay and got it for Christmas. Best day ever when I got it! Of course, it will never grace the sides of my phone, mostly because it's going to stay in it's case. 

Next up is one of the first pieces of my Spaceship Earth Collection I had! It's my Spaceship Earth Bank! It's actually pretty big, so trying to fit it on my shelf can sometimes get a little tricky. But either way, I must have gotten it a number of years ago, back when the Mickey Hand, Wand and Epcot were still across the top of Spaceship Earth. My brother got a Monorail Bank at the same time, but other than that that's all I really remember LOL. 

And then, around the same time, or earlier actually, I got this picture frame. I don't remember getting it, but it's been sitting on a shelf for years. Sadly, the one side is broken, so I can't really use it as a normal picture frame. But I keep it around anyway, and if there's any Disney collection post it belongs in, it's this one!

Next we have my Spaceship Earth pen, which I honestly have like never used. My mom and my brother went to Disney a number of years ago without my dad or myself, and they got me a couple of smaller things, this being one of them. It's blue, my favorite color, and the top is a mini-Spaceship Earth. So in other words, it sits on my shelf with all my other Spaceship Earth stuff. 

Next up, we head into my 30th Anniversary of Epcot stuff. Of course, they all have some reason as to why I got them. Back last year I had a minor (or major) freakout over the fact that the 30th Anniversary parkmap had Spaceship Earth plastered on the front. Yeah, of course, I had to have it, and for a long time I figured I wouldn't in the end. But then, at Christmas, I ended up finding a copy of it on Ebay and got it right away. It may have cost me enough for something that was originally free, but hey, I have it now! Plus, it opens up to include the previous park maps!

And along with the 30th Anniversary Park Map, I managed to get a 30th Anniversary Epcot Button too! Of course, the background of this is Spaceship Earth as well, but I mostly got it because the person on Ebay was offering a package deal so you could get both. Win in my book!

Next up is more 30th Anniversary merch. To the average person, it's an Epcot 30th Anniversary Lanyard for pins. But to me, what did I notice first? The fact that the entire backside was made up of a Spaceship Earth Pattern. I just had to get it. Of course, my brother got it too because he seems to want everything Epcot that I have, but we all know who the real Spaceship Earth collector is. 

Still looking at 30th Anniversary stuff (yes, I have a lot of that too), I've got this little set. My brother has one too but took it out of the package. I have no idea why he did such a thing. Either way, it's got the keychain and the lanyard, and I decided to just keep it in the packaging because it looks so nice, so why not! 

Of course, no Spaceship Earth Collection Post would be complete without my Spaceship Earth bow from Magical Rbbons! I love it sooooo much! In fact I've worn it a whole bunch of times and it'll be coming with me to college too!

And then, I put this one in this category for the following reason. If you look closely on the bottom chain you'll see a Spaceship Earth charm. That was the first charm my parents got me when they went to Disney World many years ago without me and my brother. Obviously since then I've gotten just a few other charms, but that first one is the reason it's included with the rest of my Spaceship Earth stuff!

And finally, I figured that I should include the two specific Spaceship Earth pieces of art from Larry Dotson that I have. So here they are. You saw them back in Volume 1, but here are the two specific to SSE. The left one was my first one, and the right one I got in November 2012!

That just about does it for my Spaceship Earth Collection, although I did try to find a picture of the chocolate Spaceship Earth I had Once Upon a Time. I couldn't find one, but I did have one once. We got it all the way home without it breaking too, and then it sat on the counter until it got gross and we had to throw it away!

Next time we'll take a peak at my pin collection! There are so many of those!!! And after that we'll take a trip into my closet to see all of my pieces of Disney clothing!

Here's today's Disney History: 1924: Actor Fess Parker, famous for the Disney role of Davy Crockett, is born in Fort Worth, Texas (although he was raised in San Angelo). Parker was named a Disney Legend in 1991. 

Have a magical day!